Tuesday, April 21, 2009

At the Park With My Boys

After lunch today I took Joe and Jack to the park to play for a while. They both had lots of fun. I got a few pictures. The one of the two of them together they both have goofy looks on their faces, especially Joe, he was so winded from running like crazy the whole time we were there. It was a pretty informative trip for me and a really fun one for Joe. Jack has fun anywhere we go. He's just happy to run/walk around and explore all of his surroundings. Joe had fun because there was a fair amount of kids there and he immediately went up and introduced himself by name (this is his routine when we go to the park and there are other kids there) and asked if they wanted to play. He played tag and chase with these kids the entire time. It was informative for me because one of the families there was a homeschool family and we talked alot about curriculums and I learned some helpful things/websites for future use. This mom has five kids and has homeschooled for 12 years now and brought three babies home during this time, very, very encouraging for me!!

On a side note--I started Joe's homeschool "preschool" with him this week. I decided I wanted to get into this school routine with him a few months before I start and incorporate Hanna's school routine into it as well. He is loving it so far! So eager to learn and he loves doing all the things I have planned for him each morning. When we finish each morning he looks at me and asks, "Is that all?" Today after we finished I asked him what his favorite thing was we did today was and he answered, "Everything sweetheart." It is definitely a positive start. I have pictures to post of our week of it that I'll post this weekend. For anyone interested, I found a great totally FREE preschool and 5K curriculum on a website (Brightly Beaming) that is listed in my sidebar. I am using this for his 4K year along with some other info I've gathered from the Homeschool Creations site also listed in my sidebar. I am so excited about homeschool. I have loved planning and working with Joe and can hardly wait to start with Hanna!


  1. You're really starting to peak my curiosity about this homeschooling for preschool. I am going to check out that website! You are such a good mom! I'm glad you ran into that family and that it was such a help to you. I know you are overwhelmed, but I have every confidence in you!

  2. Glad the boys had fun at the park and so happy you found some encouragement about homeschool! You are going to be great!!!!