Friday, April 17, 2009

Patience of a Three-Year-Old

You probably think from the title of this post it will be all about Joe, who is 3 years old, right? Wrong:-). It's all about his 31 year old mama! So, I know I posted yesterday that I would have my 3D ultrasound next Friday....well, I couldn't wait until next Friday. Jamie and I drove to Fort Mill this afternoon for a 3D ultrasound because I just HAD to know. So what am I having, besides the obvious, a baby--

I think this picture says it all!! I was really surprised after what my doctor told me on Wednesday. I will definitely be taking these pictures in for him to see at my next appt.:-)! I'll be completely honest, I thought the whole way there I was going to be devastated and truly upset if this was another boy. But I was so fine with it. As soon as the tech got to the "area of truth" I could immediately tell it was a boy before she said a word. I felt fine, no disappointment, surprised, yes, but definitely not disappointed. And when I saw his sweet face, hands and feet I felt nothing but completely overwhelmed with peace, gratitude and love for my sweet baby. She counted all his fingers and toes for us and really looked over his whole body. It was wonderful. I know you can't see much from these pictures, but on our screen with the movement and 3D imaging we could see so much detail and action, it was great. It was truly bonding with him before he is here for me to hold in my arms.

It is such a blessing and miracle to have a baby grow inside your body for the nine months of pregnancy. Being a woman and experiencing the blessings of pregnancy and motherhood are the greatest gifts of all in my life. I can't wait to hold my baby for the first time and have him here on the outside with our family. I am so blessed to have 4 beautiful children, a husband who I love more than words can say and is truly my best friend and a home filled with so much love.

Here are a few more pictures from today's ultrasound. I can't figure out how to post the live video (which is so much clearer) yet. I'll add it when I figure it out. I'm not one who minds sharing names before the baby is born, so here are the ones we are throwing around. The first name is 100%, the middle name I like is Kent but Jamie says he doesn't (it's his middle name and he isn't too fond of it), so only the middle name is to be decided upon--Jesse Kent, Jesse Matthew or Jesse Albert.


  1. Susana, that is so exciting! I totally agree about the miracle of pregnancy. I really wanted to make Jackson's middle name Albert, because that was my grandpa's name and I loved him so much, but I had told Michael that he could pick the name and he felt that Albert was too old fashioned. I think you should go with what your heart wants the most! How lucky Jesse is to have you for a mama!

  2. I'm so excited for you! I bet you are relieved. It is such a miracle to have healthy beautiful babies. I have 2 friends that are struggling with infertility right now & it breaks my heart. I'm glad you posted such a sweet post about your new baby. I can't wait to meet him.

  3. The ultrasounds show that your baby will be really cute!! I can't wait to see lots more pictures! Especailly after he is out of the womb.

  4. I'm sooo excited!!! You are too cute...I would be the same way though...I would HAVE to know!!!! I want a boy again...after Preston...I just can't wait to have another little boy to smoosh on...Although I would be happy with a girl too!