Monday, August 31, 2009

Room Number Two

Jamie started on Jesse's room today. He got nail holes spackled, the ceiling scraped (it's got to be repainted), and the paint on the walls. There isn't really much more to do in this room after he paints the ceiling and trim. It will be ready for all of Jesse's things and decorating. However, I am not ready with all of the decor and we still don't have a crib. We have made a final decision to take our time getting his room set up. We'll have a rocking chair, bassinet and necessities in his room and are going to take our time getting the rest done. It is just less stressful that way.

Here is the room before. This was Hanna's old room.

Here it is after painting today:

I'll post more as we do more.

I spent my day doing much needed laundry, trying to make a dent in planning out a couple months worth of homeschool lesson plans for both Hanna and Joe, playing with the kids and doing a little bit of cleaning.

Hanna couldn't wait to get started on some of her craft projects she got for her birthday. She started on her knot a quilt kit and is having lots of fun with it. Thank you Aunt Teresa and Uncle Matthew!

Tomorrow is the start of a new week. I am hoping to somehow get a bit of relaxing in, and I'd also like to take advantage of the cooler weather we will have and take the kids to the zoo!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Hanna!

We celebrated Hanna's 10th birthday Saturday evening at our favorite pizza place and park. It was a perfect ending to a not so perfect week. We had such a good time being together and watching Hanna enjoy herself. She was so happy and excited the whole day--to be a kid again:-). I'm sure you've read the cake catastrophe from yesterday....well, Jamie took Hanna out this morning to local grocery stores to see if they could find a cake that would suit me--oops:-)--Hanna for her party. Luckily they found one sweet man who was willing to whip up something "custom" at the last minute. He did a really good job. He used bright, girly colors and even piped a butterfly on the cake. Hanna was happy with it, and I was too! I will not be making any of the kids cakes ever again--that job will remain in the hands of my very, very talented sister-in-law, Teresa, who is seriously the cake diva, and queen of all things artsy and crafty!!

Hanna will turn 10 Tuesday and my was it a mix of emotions putting those double digits on her cake today. Some of my thoughts were: I can't believe how fast these 10 years have gone, how quickly she has gone from little girl to my "friend and companion"--especially within the last few months, how 10 is the halfway point to 20, and if the first 10 have passed so quickly so will the next 10. The years just pass in the blink of an eye and I try so very hard each day to remember this. That is one thing that helps me remain positive weeks like this one!

Hanna loved her cake, and presents too:-). She was "tickled pink" to get more crafty decor for her awesome new room. I will post about each of these crafts as she completes them--they are some really cool ones!


She had fun playing, laughing and being with family. Hanna is very family oriented and always has been. She will choose being at home and with family over anything--and I do mean anything. This is such a comforting feeling and makes me feel so loved by her, and delighted that she enjoys our home and family so much.

Joe had a blast running, climbing, goofing off and just being Joe. He was happy too, the whole evening and thoroughly enjoyed playing with grandparents, aunts and his uncle.

Jack was happy Jack--for the most part:-). Even with the terrible time he's having teething right now, he still has such a sweet and happy disposition. He is such a "beautiful" little boy!! I didn't get too many good pictures of him though--only one. He was on the go the whole time and it was impossible to get a good shot of him. I did get this really sweet, cute one of him and Jamie going down the slide--I love it!

Here are a few more pictures of us together. It was a fun, special time--a memory made that will be a happy, lasting time for our family. Hanna, I love you so much, and am so very thankful for you each and every day!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

38 Weeks Pregnant!!

WOW! I can't believe how fast time has flown for my pregnancy with Jesse--38 weeks! It's hard to comprehend that any day now he will be here with us. Hanna and Joe are both so very excited. They wake up each morning hoping "this" will be the day:-). Jamie and I both are excited, but also nervous as to how things will change for a bit. Mostly though, we are both so thankful for health and strength and pray daily that delivery and recovery will be healthy, normal and routine for both Jesse and myself!

Here is a picture Hanna took of me yesterday. Each time I've seen a picture of myself throughout this pregnancy I am so surprised by how low I have carried from the start. This is the lowest I've carried any of them. This could be the last pregnancy pic of me with Jesse:-). We'll see! **Sorry it's so grainy**

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wow! What a Day!

Whew! This has definitely been one of those days for me. I'll be completely honest, I've felt like I was in "survival" mode most of this week. We've been crazy busy and have had so much we are trying to get done on top of just daily life, and throw in the fact that I'm practically nine months pregnant--I have constantly been in reminder mode this week. Reminding myself of all I have to be thankful for, and all that I have to look forward to in the months to come to fight off this negativity that seems to be lingering around the corner. I am not trying to sound ungrateful by any means in this post, so please don't take it that way--I know I am blessed beyond measure daily, but I too have down days and get frustrated and tired just like everyone else.

Today was one of those days where, you know--the kids fight all day, they are extremely needy all day long, your 4 year old misses the potty all day in two different bathrooms, your toddler is teething (cutting molars and eye teeth at the same time, refusing to nap ALL WEEK) and throwing fits constantly--he turns your oven knob to broil (while you are helping your daughter complete a craft project in the dining room that she just "had to do" at the same time you are preparing dinner). All of a sudden you hear sizzling and popping and see smoke coming from the oven, you run into the kitchen and see the knob has been moved to broil and dinner is literally burning before your eyes--your mouth had been watering for this all day too. At almost the same time two of your smoke alarms begin to go off and your 4 year old (who is afraid of loud noises, the dark and so forth) covers his ears and begins to cry. You lose it and cry too. You figure out how to turn off the alarms, get the kids calmed down and in front of a movie while you throw dinner in the trash, clean up your house (it is covered in toys that have been dumped out of bins over the last hour and scattered all around) before your husband comes home. Get out the cereal and pancakes for a super dinner and try to stop crying, while constantly thinking about how you are going to go into labor any day now and have a newborn to care for and many, many days ahead like this.

However, all this said, I do truly realize these are probably the easiest, most fun, carefree, healthy and blessed days of my life! There is no place I'd rather be than at home each day schooling and caring for my children, but wouldn't it be nice to spend tomorrow at a day spa being pampered and eating Godiva?! But, that won't happen:-), Saturday is Hanna's birthday party and I still haven't shopped for it or made her cake, or decorated it!! Hah!!

I will wake up tomorrow and exercise, begin my to do list and make the best of the day with a positive attitude. I am thankful to be able to do so much each day, not be on bedrest and have a home full of love around me every minute of every day!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One Down (almost)--One To Go!!

Well, we are 99% finished with Hanna's room. Here is what's left:
  • move ceiling fan from old room to new room
  • new track lighting
  • corner molding in reading nook wall
  • light switch/outlet covers
  • touch up pink paint
  • new bedding--hasn't arrived yet
We plan to finish all of this except the fan and track lighting tomorrow night. We'll do the lights soon:-). Running out of steam.

Here are some before and after pics--to read all of my room reno posts from start to finish, click *here*, *here* and *here*:

hanna's "new" room before


hanna's room before pic1

Hanna loves her new room. She especially loves her pink carpet in her "reading nook" and her cool papasan chair her Nana and Grandpa gave her. Her birthday is next week, and this is an early birthday present from them.

It's a bit different having her downstairs. She used to be right across the hall from Jamie and myself. I suppose once Jesse is in her old room it will seem a little more real and "normal". Hanna and Jack have bedrooms downstairs and the rest of us are upstairs. (Our house has an odd set-up.)

I am really happy with how her room is coming together! I think Jamie has done a super job, and I'm thankful he is happy, capable and willing to do these projects for our home and family!

More pictures when the room is 100%!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crazy Things This Past Week

First of all, we are 95% finished with Hanna's room. Just too tired to post pics tonight. I will tomorrow though for sure. It is looking super. Just little odds and ends to finish up and decorating.

This past week Joe has decided that he is going to wait for me downstairs in our mudroom when I leave to exercise each morning. I won't even know he's out of bed, I'll just be all dressed and head down to put on my tennis shoes and there he is grinning from ear to ear and begging to go with me. Well, obviously he can't go with me--one, it's my time to be alone:-) each day, and two, I am not pushing my 4 year old in a stroller while I jog. So, each morning the last couple of weeks I've told him to go back upstairs, play, get Hanna and so forth and to my knowledge he does.

I found out that a few mornings last week after I left he put on his rubber boots, wearing only a pajama top and underwear and went out into our driveway and front yard to play with our cats ALONE for who knows how long. We live on a very busy street! Jamie, Hanna, and Jack are still asleep when I leave each morning--they don't know it if Joe is awake or not. He told Jamie about his adventures over breakfast last week. We are hoping this doesn't continue and have been keeping a very close watch on him now--this really scared us. Joe is also notorious for hiding from me in stores and watching me try to find him--not funny or cute!

OK, here's the other thing--this is not pretty, so read with caution. Jack has been taking off articles of clothing before his nap time. He's also cutting molars right now, so sometimes he doesn't even nap, just plays around in his crib during nap time. I do not get our kids up before nap time is over--I am a firm Baby Wise believer:-).

He stripped down to nothing one day last week. I went into his room because nap time was over, it smelled so bad in there. He had pooped in his crib, rubbed it all over himself, his hair, his blanket, lovie, crib slats, crib--disgusting! I've never had one of mine to do anything like this and was honestly appalled! It took so long to clean all of this up!! I had to throw away some of his stuffed animals, just too gross. We've been dressing him in the hardest things to remove that he has since then. He hasn't removed an entire article of clothing since this, but has gotten some partially off. Has this ever happened to you?

That's all I have for now. We had a very busy, but very productive day!! Hoping tomorrow proves to be just as productive, and Jesse will hold out until we have everything ready for him!

Pictures tomorrow:-).

Fondue, Flowers & Godiva--Who Needs More?

We got much done around our home this weekend. It was very productive and happy too. Jamie and I celebrated our Anniversary very quietly at home. We put the kids to bed early and had a very, very yummy cheese fondue with lots of fruits, veggies and breads for dipping. Our most favorite place to eat is The Melting Pot. Since we couldn't get to The Melting Pot this year, we brought it home. We enjoy doing fondue at home every now and then.

Jamie got me lots of Godiva chocolates:-) and beautiful flowers too. I know some women don't care for flowers, but I'll admit it, they make me feel special and appreciated and I love it when Jamie gives me flowers.


I got Jamie chocolate too, and Sudoko and word puzzle books--he loves these things!! I don't have the patience for them:-).

My friend, Michelle, informed me a couple months back that the "traditional" gifts for your 6th wedding anniversary are chocolate and wood. Well, chocolate was a no brainer for me--you know my love of chocolate!! Jamie and I both had the chocolate covered with no problem. As for the wood, we didn't get near the wood that my friend Michelle and her husband got for their anniversary, but....we did purchase wood on the day of our anniversary for the bookshelves in Hanna's new room. Which, by the way, is moving along so very quickly now!!!! I will post pics of it later today or first thing tomorrow (I hope!).

Jamie and I enjoyed so much just talking to one another while eating our fondue, and then we ate some of our chocolates and watched a movie. We even managed to stay awake for it!! We both "burn the candle at both ends" much too often the last few months. **I am choosing not to even think about all of the calories I consumed and will consume through fondue and chocolate last night and this upcoming week:-).**

This was our first year not going away for our anniversary together. Even so, we had a nice night, and what matters to me most is that it marked the day that the six happiest years of my life began, and started another year of happiness with the love of my life.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today Jamie and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. I thought I'd share some of the things I love and appreciate about Jamie today since this is our special day, and it wouldn't be possible without him.

Jamie has given me a life and home full of love and happiness that I never thought I'd have. He is my best friend.

What makes Jamie so special to me:
  • He came into my life and Hanna's and literally jumped right into his role as a father with a ready made family without missing a beat! And I mean this, he has been a natural from day one.
  • He is a hands on dad who makes time to do what our kids enjoy and he always has time for them no matter what he is doing.
  • He makes me laugh every single day.
  • He loves me unconditionally and tells me every day.
  • He never has an unkind word to say to me and never raises his voice. He is gentle and kind and very sensitive to my feelings.
  • He works hard to provide for our family and doesn't mind doing so.
  • He always likes to plan special things for us to do as a family and makes everything we do so much fun.
  • I have fun with him no matter what we are doing.
  • He enjoys having our kids with us just as much as I do.
  • He helps with middle of the night feedings and diaper changes and actually enjoys it. He truly enjoys his time with our children.
  • He buys me Godiva chocolate:-).
Here are a few favorite pictures I found from the past six years. (Some I scanned in so they may be a bit fuzzy.)

This is the spot Jamie proposed to me on June 28th, 2003, at The Biltmore House--one of our favorite places to visit together.

Our Wedding Day:

His first bedtime story with Hanna--this seems ages ago as I look at Hanna in this picture and look at her today. This was her most favorite book at the time, Lily's Purple Plastic Purse. I have to add, Jamie was the one to break her of the pacifier habit too--it was so nice to have someone to help me with these sorts of things:-).

Our sealing, which was the best day of my life other than the days each of my children was born.

Special places we've gone together and memories I'll always have from our time spent together on these trips.

There are so many pictures and memories I'd love to fill this already lengthy post with. Happy Anniversary Jamie! Thank you for making me so happy and loving me with all your heart every single day we've been together. You are my best friend and I love you forever!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fly Fly Away

We ordered some insects from Insectlore this week to study for Science--caterpillars and ladybugs. No problem with our caterpillars. They are growing just as they should. Well, we had a time with our ladybugs and I thought I'd share this funny story.

We do caterpillars every year--usually catch our own, but since it was so late in the summer and Hanna's science lesson was about insects, lifecycles and so forth I decided to order them. I thought I may as well do the ladybugs too while I was at it. I've never dealt with the ladybugs before. They came in the mail.

We followed the instructions perfectly. Placed them in the fridge for a half hour to send them into "hibernation" to make transfer easy.

When Hanna first removed the lid they were really still and calm and it seemed like this would be a breeze. Transfer them into our container we had all cleaned out and ready for them, and observe them over the next couple of weeks--lots of fun.

They almost immediately started crawling all around really fast. There were so many of them in that little container. I called for Jamie to see if he could help us out and get them transferred fast. (You can see his hand as he jumped in to help in the picture below.) They were beginning to crawl out of the container they came in, as well as the container we were transferring to, and we couldn't stop them fast enough.

Next, we put them and the container we were transferring to into a ziploc bag while we thought things out. We found another container and began to try and transfer them from the ziploc bag into this larger container. This didn't work either. They were not only crawling out of the ziploc bag, but crawling all over me, Jamie and Hanna. We were doing this in our kitchen, and they managed to crawl into the toaster, up the cabinets and then began flying around the kitchen. They were seriously everywhere.

We ended up taking the ones who hadn't escaped yet and releasing them into the backyard. (There was no way I'd be able to get the lid off of their container each day without them escaping to water them.) It was hilarious! We found them for a day or so around the kitchen and our downstairs:-). I'd thought the kids may be a little upset that they didn't get to keep and watch them as planned, but after that ordeal they had no problem setting them free.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Butterfly Exhibit and Children's Museum Field Trip

I took the kids to our local Children's museum this past Friday for a "Field Trip". I'd been wanting to go all summer to see the Butterfly Exhibit they have through October. We finally made it and we were impressed with it too. I knew Hanna would be in butterfly heaven considering she is somewhat obsessed with butterflies in general:-). We stayed in the exhibit for about an hour just looking at all of them, and the pretty flowers they had around. They had butterfly guides available. I had Joe get one and play a game of "I Spy" with his. He loved this, and found lots of different types once I initiated the game.


Hanna actually caught several butterflies on her hand. This was the highlight for her.

Jack wasn't allowed to get down and I couldn't bring the stroller in either (exhibit rules)--so I held him the whole hour--this was challenging, but it did end up working out ok, and I managed to get some good pictures even with one hand:-). Even having to be held, (which luckily he likes) he enjoyed looking at all the butterflies and seeing some up close on the plants and flowers.

After the exhibit I let the kids have fun in the museum. Their first stop was the life sized boy in the front. The inside of this boy is filled with slides, tunnels and passages that are play areas of the different parts of the human body--eyes, brain, stomach and so forth.

Hanna and Joe had fun with the large Operation game.

They also enjoyed "grocery shopping".

Joe and Jack enjoyed playing around on the farm getting eggs from the chickens and "riding" the tractor.

Hanna and Joe stopped for a camel ride in Timbuktu.

We lost Jack in Timbuktu and found him a few exhibits over on the human piano.

This was it for Mom. After frantically running through this part of the museum calling for Jack (and yes, I'm a mom who always wondered "How in the world does anyone lose a child?!") and then finding him so far away we called it a day and headed home. Despite this one upset we really did have a great time! We always enjoy this museum. There is so much to do, and the butterfly exhibit was beautiful!

Making Headway & Joe's First FHE Lesson

We are slowly making progress in our efforts to get things ready for Jesse. After a whole day (Saturday) of watching online DIY tutorials, lots of trial and error and trips to Lowe's, Jamie finally figured out how to properly put up the crown molding in Hanna's new room. He is finishing it up tonight and then things should move quickly (yeah right) the rest of the week. We are so hoping to move her into her new room this weekend!!

I got all of Jesse's newborn clothes unpacked (they hadn't even been packed up a whole year, WOW!), washed up and folded today.

Now, we just need to get Hanna out of his room and get his room ready so I have some place to put them all. I ordered his crib bedding, click *here* to see a picture of it--we just need to buy his crib, and I'll have some place to put it:-). My goal is to have our hospital bags packed by the end of the week.

Joe gave his first Family Home Evening Lesson tonight. He used a couple of packages he got in Primary over the last two weeks at church. He did such a great job and he was so proud to give the lesson. It was so fun to watch him and hear all that he is learning about the gospel and remembering.

He chose the songs we sang--the kids had fun spinning and jumping (among other actions) to "Do As I'm Doing".

I got the cutest picture of them all sitting in front of the fireplace ready for the closing prayer. Hanna was already sitting there and Joe and Jack just followed her over. This was the perfect photo opportunity waiting to happen!

We ended our lesson with chocolate cupcakes! Today was a great start to our week. We had a productive school day, fun craft time, a yummy meal (I finally restocked our freezer at Let's Dish today!!) with lots of veggies (I was craving these), and a super fun Family Home Evening Lesson to end our day.

**Today was the first official day of school in our district. I must say it felt so nice to not be a part of it. It was great knowing we are "officially" homeschoolers now!**