Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Park Pics and My American Girl

We went to the park yet again after lunch today. We have still been making this a part of our (almost) daily routine. The boys are both having a blast playing and we've enjoyed meeting and playing with friends and going to different parks each day. We've also had a couple "picnic suppers" at the park which have been a nice change and fun for our whole family since Jamie and Hanna can both join us.

Today we went to Hollywood Park. We kind of forgot this park even existed. Over the weekend Jamie remembered it and suggested we go there for a change. We drove around for quite some time looking for it unsuccessfully. Thanks to my friend, Hannah, we rediscovered Hollywood Park's almost hidden location and enjoyed playing there today. This park is kind of tucked back behind pretty shrubs and flowers and a partial brick wall. The play equipment is off to one side complete with a fairly tall rock climbing wall and there is a large, grassy open area nice for picnics/kicking a ball around on the right side of the park. It's also nice because they have a couple different equipment setups--one for older kids that will even satisfy Hanna and a really small one perfect for little ones like Jack.

Joe had fun playing on everything and kicking his soccer ball around with Jack as well. He also picked some flowers and shared a couple with me. (The boys are really hot in these pictures, hence their red cheeks and sweaty heads:-).)

Jack had fun on the "little" equipment and the riding horse. He spent alot of his time playing and digging in the sand with sticks. In this last picture of Jack he decided he'd had enough and parked himself against the brick wall for a rest.

Lastly, tonight Hanna wanted a picture with one of her American Girl dolls and their matching PJ's. She looks adorable! We've had a great start to our week. Looking forward to doing lots fun things throughout the rest our week and weekend!


  1. I had fun at the park today! I LOVE the picture of Joe with the flower. He looks so sweet. And I know I'm the cause of one of the Jack smiles. What cute kids you have?!?!?!

  2. I love the pics....Jack looks so cute just hanging out against the wall...pooped! And I remember when I was little, I wanted an American Girl doll sooo bad! I'm jealous!!!

  3. How fun. I have never heard of that park before. Hanna looks so cute with her American Girl doll. I think our girls would have a blast together!