Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Jamie got me a printer this past week. I haven't had a decent printer in a few years and I've really been wanting one to print out homeschool materials. He brought one home last week, an all-in-one. I was really excited because it has a scanner on it. I've wanted a scanner for awhile now to scan old pictures of Hanna and Jamie and myself from when we were dating. I'd like to go back and scrapbook certain things and can do it now. Anyway....I figured out the scanner today and decided to look through old pictures and scan a few. Since I have lots of pictures of Jack on my blog as a baby and a good many of Joe to in my slideshow I scanned baby pictures of Hanna. She is so grown up and the time has passed in the blink of an eye!!

This is a picture of Hanna when she was two months old the day she was blessed. Her gown was beautiful and she looked like an angel in it. My mom had this gown made for her, it's beautiful.

Here is one of her at her first birthday party getting her first taste of cake. She LOVED it!!

Here are a few more of her. In the last one she is about 8 months old and the first two are between the age of one and two.

Here is one more of Joe. He was a little over one. We were at a picnic for Hanna's school and he had just finished a cookie. I love this picture of him. I love pictures, they capture memories we would otherwise never remember.


  1. I just now saw this post...guess I read the one from the park and didn't scroll down far enough...isn't it great about your new printer! Timmy bought an all-in-one awhile back and I LOVE that scanner! It's amazing I tell ya! Those pics are really cute too!

  2. I missed this post as well. I'm glad I caught it, because the pictures are darling! I remember how cute Hanna was because I remember thinking she and my niece in Florida looked so much alike.

  3. Hanna reminds me the most of Joe. Especially in the high chair. I see some Jack as well. The pictures are so darling. I love walking down memory lane with old but loved photos.