Friday, May 1, 2009

Bird Watching At The Zoo

We went to the zoo today for a little science related bird watching. I wasn't sure how into it Joe would actually be. He surprised me again! He loved looking for the birds and tallying them on his bird color sheet we took along with us. After he looked at all of the birds in the exhibits he started looking for them in the sky, bushes and everywhere else as we walked along.

As we looked at the birds we talked about their homes, habitats and what he liked about each one. We also used this time at the zoo to make sure we looked at all of the "Bb" animals.

When we got home Joe counted the tally marks on his bird color sheet to see which color bird he saw the most. He also did an activity from his Bird/Cat lapbook about "camouflage". We took turns hiding birds around the room trying to camouflage them as we hid them and then pretended to be cats looking for them. The whole "bird/cat predator scenario" that we will learn more about next week.) All of this can be found in the lesson that accompanies the Bird/Cat lapbook.

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