Monday, May 25, 2009

Field Day With Hanna

Today Hanna's school had field day. Our family went and hung out during the "events". It was really lots of fun. It was fun watching Hanna participate in the different relays and races and see the look of excitement on her face. Jack and Joe had fun too running around, and Joe especially enjoyed watching Hanna and the other kids participating in all the games. I don't know how other schools do competitive events because Hanna has always been Montessori, but Montessori doesn't do anything competitively--so there were no "winners" or "placing" in these events, just plain fun! I LOVE that!!

Here are a few pictures of Hanna participating in the sack race, water balloon relay and three-legged race.

We got a family picture too, it isn't the best. Jack is trying to drink from his cup, Joe is looking off in a different direction and Hanna's eyes are half-closed:-), but who cares!! We were all there together and we had fun and got it on camera, that's what matters, right?!

I also got a sweet picture of Jamie holding Jack. Jack was hot and all tuckered out by the time it was all said and done. We ended up holding him the last little bit and I couldn't pass up this photo opportunity. (There are some good pics of the kids on my hobbies blog too from today).

We had a fun time today. I'm glad we could all go together, glad Jamie could take the time away from work and join us! It was fun watching Hanna.

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  1. Girl I remember field day like it was yesterday! Some of my most favorite times as a kid! Glad to see you guys had fun!