Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Fourth Birthday, Joe!

Wow! Joe is four. I can hardly believe Joe has been here as part of our family for four whole years! Each one has flown and has been such a joy. Joe was such a laid back, calm baby. But don't let that fool you:-)....he has evolved into a sweet little boy with a personality full of humor, curiousity and all rough and tumble 100% boy! Joe is definitely a "mama's boy" and I won't hide it, it makes me smile to know he loves me so much. He is such a handsome little boy and we all enjoyed celebrating his birthday today.

I made a cake for him last night with help from Jamie. This was the first cake I not only made, but also decorated. It was time consuming but lots of fun to put together! (Looking forward to making one for Hanna in September.) I made the same strawberry cake that I made for Jamie's bday in February (see "recipes" in sidebar) and frosted it with homemade buttercream frosting (Wilton's recipe). He really liked his cake. It is an "anaconda" and Diego has rescued it on one of his missions:-).

After lunch today we had birthday cake and Joe opened his presents. Jamie and I gave him a Leapster 2 and a couple of games for it. Joe always wants to play Hanna's DS but he's just too young, so we thought he'd enjoy an age appropriate compact game system for himself. Plus, it has both fun and educational games:-). Hanna and Jack gave him some Play Doh and a Play Doh set he'd been looking at for a while when we're out and about. He enjoyed learning how to play his Leapster this afternoon and he and Hanna had fun with his Play Doh set too.

We'd asked Joe if he'd wanted to go anywhere at all today for fun. Whether it be somewhere for a day trip or just somewhere close by for fun since it was "his" day. Bless his heart, all he wanted to do was go to his favorite park (that we go to nearly every day lately) and play with Hanna. So after cake and ice cream we went to the park. There were some other children there too and both he and Hanna had lots of fun playing tag with these kids.

After the park my parents dropped in and brought Joe his birthday gift and spent some time with him. After they left it was time for dinner. We went out to eat, Joe's choice, and then came home had a little family time, and Joe was pretty tuckered out. We enjoyed Joe's day. He is such a blessing and brings such a sweet spirit and so much happiness and life to our family every day. Each of our children is so very different and each one makes our family who we are. I love them all so much and thank Heavenly Father for blessing our family with each one of them.


  1. The cake looks spectacular! And so does the presentation of it. Very nice. Happy Birthday Joe!!!!

  2. Joe is a sweet boy. That cake turned out amazing!!! It's one of the cutest birthday cakes I've ever seen.

  3. You did a really great job on the cake Susana! I can't believe Joe is 4 either! Where does the time go? Happy birthday to Joe!

  4. Happy Birthday Joe! Looks like he had a great time! I LOVE that cake! You did a great job!!!