Friday, May 1, 2009

Butterflies With Hanna

Every year since Hanna was 5 we have watched caterpillars go through the process of making a cocoon and then hatching into butterflies/moths. This is something she loves and is still fascinated by (me too!). Joe now enjoys watching this process along with Hanna. A few weeks ago Hanna found lots of caterpillars and she put them into her various "bug" keepers and butterfly tent so we could start the process.

We noticed today that four of them had hatched. We never know if our caterpillars will hatch into butterflies or moths. We usually end up with some of each every year. So far these have been moths and I assume since all the caterpillars looked the same the rest will be moths too.

I noticed earlier this evening that there are already a few more starting to hatch out of their cocoons!


  1. Very cool! I love that you catch the caterpillars yourself! I took the easy way out and ordered ours from Insect Lore.

  2. how do you catch caterpillars yourself ? where? whats the weather need to be like? i need to catch some caterpillars here in south africa since nobody sells caterpillar eggs. they do sell silk worms but i dont want moths