Monday, November 2, 2009

Boo at the Zoo Halloween Fun

We had lots of fun this year participating in different Halloween activities. First, there was putting up our Halloween decorations inside and out at home. Next, we took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.

On Thursday the kids wanted to have a Halloween “party” at home complete with costumes (some of them anyway), trick or treating in doors and a candy corn relay. I didn’t get pictures of our indoor trick or treating, or Hanna stirring up her witches brew in the cauldron, but….I did get this one of our candy corn relay. Here they are at the “start line” getting ready to take off:-). This was really fun to watch.


Hanna was a witch, Joe a skeleton, Jesse our little pumpkin and Jack just wore a skeleton shirt. He’s not much into costumes yet. He just pulls at them until you take them off at this stage:-).

Hanna and Joe opted for Boo at the Zoo this year instead of door to door trick or treating, and that turned out to be a great decision. We all had fun at the zoo. Before we left we got our first family picture with Jesse.



At the zoo we got some good pictures as well. Vampire Hanna:


Jamie, Hanna and Joe roasting marshmallows around the fire for S’mores.


Hanna and Joe at the "graveyard”:


Another family picture, but this one doesn’t include Jesse. He stayed behind at home. I’m just not big on taking new babies out at this point, especially in the night air:-).


We all had ALOT of fun at the zoo! It was nice that the kids weren’t overloaded with candy like when we go door to door. They got just enough. It was nice too, to see all of the lights and decorations that the zoo puts up. This was Jack’s favorite part.

Halloween night we stayed home, watched movies and ate lots of good treats—a Halloween family party. We decided this will become our new yearly Halloween tradition—Boo at the Zoo beforehand and a party on Halloween night, instead of going door to door.

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween just as much as we did! Now, let’s get ready for Thanksgiving!


  1. looks like a blast! :) our boo at the zoo isn't as fun since its during the day! :)

    LOVE the pictures what sweet pictures and SO want your hair its so pretty

    LOVE the thanksgiving blog design!

  2. We missed Boo at the zoo this year because it seemed to rain every weekend. I hope we can go next year. I think this is a great tradition. I love the photos.

  3. Looks like such fun! Our poor zoo had to close down due to financial problems brought on by the hurricane and we miss it! But we still had a great Halloween right here in our neighborhood. Great pics!

  4. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun! Love Hannahs costume! :)

  5. Great new blog design and great new family photos. They are hard to get with the toddler age group. =)

  6. What a fun Boo at the Zoo!! Ours is during the day and really isn't much different than a day at the zoo.

    Beautiful family and great traditions!!

  7. How fun ... the memories are fantastic ... and thanks for the info on Picnik ... I have been having a little too much fun with it lately!

  8. Now you've got me curious if my zoo has a boo at the zoo. Actually, I know it won't because our zoo is a recovery shelter..... So probably not.
    Looks like ya'll had a blast.

  9. Great pics and I love your new Fall design.

    We'll have to check out the Boo at the Zoo here. We've never been to it before.

  10. It looks like everyone had fun! I am not sure if our zoo well the one that is 60 miles away had a Boo at the Zoo.

    Selena thought all the kids were having a Halloween Party and wondered where her presents were.

    I think next year there are some of that would like to put together a Harvest Theme Carnival at our church. We will see how it goes.

  11. I love Hannah costume - it looks like she had a blast. I can't imagine Anna wanting to wear either a skeleton or a vampire witch costume... yet :) I like the idea of NOT going trick-or-treat door-to-door, but everyone does this in our neighborhood. We had probably a hundred kids stopping by - it would be a very interrupted Halloween evening :)