Friday, November 27, 2009

Good Food and Fun Outdoors

We enjoyed our day together as a family on Thanksgiving. I was a little nervous about our meal because I tried two new recipes this year--the chicken and the mac n cheese. Luckily they turned out delicious and we will definitely make these two tradition. We had a great meal and talked about all we are thankful for this year while we made our 2009 Thankful Tree.

After dinner we headed out for our River Walk park nearby to enjoy the sunny day. This is one of the kids' and Jamie's favorite parks to visit. We haven't been in months because it's just so hot during the summer.
A passerby volunteered to take our picture as a family. Jack got stranger anxiety when she took the camera and has the funniest look on his face.


Hanna and Joe skipped rocks on the water.


Jack just hung out in his stroller for most of the time. He didn't seem to mind, so we just let him stay put:-).


Of course, Hanna spotted and caught about 20 Daddy Long Legs spiders.


I took a picture of Hanna and Jamie in almost this exact same spot in 2005. Look at how much Hanna has grown. Honestly, looking at this picture gives me mixed feelings. I am so thankful for how our family has grown in size, closeness and spirituality, but my--Hanna is growing up too fast.


Me and Hanna....


Hanna and Joe....


We had a really fun day. I am so thankful for my family. I truly enjoy these special times together more than I could ever express in words. I am looking forward to getting our tree and spending the weekend decorating it, watching Christmas movies together and being outside in the sunshine.


  1. Susana, I love these pictures! My favorite is the daddy-long-legs. How beautiful all of the pictures are, though. Your family looks so peaceful.

  2. Sounds like you had a beautiful day with your precious family. The group photo is lovely. :)

  3. How bitter sweet to see your children grow isn't it. What a blessing that Hanna is such a lovely young lady.

  4. Great pictures in a beautiful place. I hope you family will continue to have those peaceful holiday traditions always.

  5. what a great post, pictures and day! So glad you were able to go! :)

  6. Such great pics and it looks like you guys had such a fun day! I love your new christmas design too! Hope you're doing well! Did you decide on what to do about your christmas cards?

  7. What a wonderful Thanksgiving! The pictures of Jamie and Hanna are adorable!

    It looks like it was a beautiful day!

  8. Sigh, they do grow up entirely too fast. I'm glad the new dishes were a hit. I took the easy way out this year and am up at my in-laws for Thanksgiving.

  9. Looks like everyone had a great family day! Beautiful pictures.

  10. Susana, these are really beautiful pictures of your family!