Saturday, November 28, 2009

Such Big Smiles!

Jesse is ten weeks old and such a happy baby! This past week I have spoiled my little man rotten by holding him every chance I get. He is so cuddly, so sweet and so absolutely adorable. I love having a baby in our home and am enjoying him so very, very much.

I was finally able to capture his big “whole body” smiles on camera this week. He smiles all the time—he is so happy and hardly ever cries. He is truly a joy in every way.



Jack is so sweet to Jesse. He still kisses and talks so lovingly to him off and on throughout each day. I thought it was so funny to see him playing on the blanket with Jesse yesterday. He was riding his construction trucks on Jesse’s body while making truck sounds. Jesse just laid there calmly looking up at Jack.


Next, Joe had to come over too. He, too is so loving to Jesse in his words and actions. This picture was my favorite from all week. My three boys playing together and looking so happy with one another. I love the way Jack is watching Jesse for a reaction to Joe’s animal sounds, and Jesse is looking up at both of them.


Jamie thought this next picture was “strange” as he put it. But I think in years to come I will be so glad to have yet another picture of my sweet babies’ hands and feet. Jesse had his little hand laid on Jack’s foot while Jack was playing with his construction trucks beside him. It just looked so sweet to me.


We have truly had a great week. Probably the very best one yet for each of us since Jesse came home for many different reasons. I have loved looking at my children play together this past week—no, they haven’t gotten along perfectly or been “angels” in their behavior every minute either, but….. I have appreciated my family and just been so thankful for the love, laughter and “noise” they bring into my life each day. I have loved everything about being a mom!


  1. Oh my goodness- such precious pics!!

  2. So adorable! I love the pictures of Jesse smiling. And that picture of Joe and Jack playing with Jesse is the sweetest. Jack is just so focused waiting for a reaction from Jesse! Love it!

  3. Oh! These are soooo sweet! I just love them!

  4. Oh he is so cute! I love that Jack drives his truck. Talk about multi taking. Jack in entertained and Jesse is getting some baby massage:)

  5. I love the breaks from school - just for that reason. I can't think of anywhere I would rather be than home with my kids just playing, playing (a little fighting and whining), and more playing!!!

    Oh, and that baby is just delicious!!!

  6. What wonderful pictures!!! We just had our 6th baby 6 weeks ago. It is nice to have a new baby in the house again. Now if I could only get the motivation to start school up again....

  7. This picture of three of them together is priceless, and it's amazing how fast babies grow, especially if they are your own :)

  8. Jesse looks like such a happy little guy! I love his sweet smile!

    Those pictures are just so precious!

  9. Now why is it I never noticed how much hair Jesse has until these pictures! Did you add a filter or something to the ones of the boys, the sunlight looks so pretty on them.