Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pure Fun

The kids have had fun playing outdoors at their Nana and Grandpa’s over the past month. My mom has taken some really cute pictures of their outdoor fun.

Sadly, I can say I don’t ever remember myself or Jamie—ok, just Jamie, I don’t do yard work:-)--ever raking up a pile of leaves and letting the kids just have fun in it. Well, my dad did! They also enjoyed helping Grandpa “rake” leaves.



I LOVE this picture of Joe! It captures his childhood innocence, and you can tell he is just plain happy! LOVE IT!


Another good picture of Joe.


Of course, an outdoor adventure wouldn’t be complete for Hanna without a critter hunt….


….and a cat.


Jack discovered how to swing on his stomach like his big brother. He,too, looks so very happy in this picture. I love his sweet smile and baby face. He is such a handsome boy:-)!!


Jack loves his suitcase Nana got him for his spend the nights, so he could of course, have one like big brother’s. I just love my dad’s fashion statement with the athletic socks and shorts—a signature for him, such a familiar sight for me.


A trip to Nana’s wouldn’t be complete without dress up fun. My dad has been wearing this same silly hat—the kids make him and he happily obliges—since Hanna was a toddler.


I love writing and recording these memories of my children. Looking at the pictures and going back, rereading old entries—which I enjoy doing from time to time—helps me to remember how very blessed I am.


  1. I rake leaves into piles tons and have the jump! :)

    Great pictures

  2. I love all of these...and they look like they had sooo much fun! Those pics of Joe are awesome!

  3. I love these pictures - they are so full of innocence and fun. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. The kids had fun at their Grandparents! Memories like this will last a life time!

  5. So cute! Love the pics! You are so blessed to have such special parents!

  6. So many fun pictures! I love the leaf pictures, and the swing. You're a very good photographer. I miss leaves turning colors and having big piles of leaves to jump in.

  7. Beautiful pictures. Oh my goodness I just clicked the link for the activity with making a happy home-thank you so much. Love it and it's free! Thanks for sharing.

  8. They all look like they've been having a great time! LOL about the athletic socks and shorts. My Dad does that too. Don't they all? :)

  9. I love those shots of Joe. So sweet.

  10. I adore that photo of Joe in the leaves!!! totally melts my heart! You are very blessed. What a beautiful family.

  11. I love the pictures!!!!!!!! I don't think I have ever jumped in a pile of leaves. I have to try that. Great post.