Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Smiles, Bright Spots and Uplifting Words

Jesse is certainly the bright spot in my days right now. Of course I love all of my kids, but there is nothing like the smell, touch and feel of holding and caring for a newborn. He is getting SO big!! I seriously think he grows overnight! I can’t believe he is already two months old. He is starting to smile alot. I managed to catch glimpses of his smiles this week, I didn’t capture a full smile—wasn’t quick enough—but I got some cute “partial smiles”.


Jack loves to lay beside Jesse when he’s on the floor or on his playmat almost always. I got the sweetest picture of the two of them—my favorite of all I’ve taken of them.


It continues to touch me as I watch Hanna care for, love and bond with Jesse. I also think it is so sweet how all of the kids enjoy and anticipate when it will be time for Jesse to be awake and up with them.


Here is Joe with Jesse. Joe is always very quick to point out how “adorable” Jesse is throughout each day.


I thought this was a good full length picture of Jesse. I can tell how much he’s grown by looking at him in this picture, but of course, his cheeks give him away too:-).


I had to throw in one of Joe with Ted. Joe loves his Ted so much. To me in the past several months Joe has really started to look like a big boy—he is losing his baby face and it is slowly changing into that of an older child. He is so handsome—that smile and those eyes, and let’s not forget the hair:-)….


And, my sweet Jack. Jack is the odd ball of the bunch with his dark hair and eyes. He’s going to be my little heartbreaker when he’s older.


One last picture of my three boys:


I’ve been trying to read each night in inspiring and uplifting books and magazines, particularly those that are religious centered. In my reading I found an article that I read every day sometimes more than once a day since. Some things really stood out that I am trying to take to heart and do better at, and I want to record them here for later reflection.

  • Focus on what you do well.
  • Don’t run faster than you have strength.
  • Limit to do lists.
  • Try to keep the big picture in sight—“As my children get older I realize there are good and bad parts to each stage of our lives together. Many of the challenges pass with time. So do some of the joys. I try to take stock of the joys, to imprint them on my memory for the days when the long, sleepless nights have passed—and with them the sweet, soft smell of a baby’s warm head against my neck, (Jean Knight Pace).
  • Get back to the basics.
  • Study scriptures and pray often, and sincerely.
  • Make time for yourself.

My mom also said something that really clicked for me and I so hope to remember this each day—it’s not only the baby phase that you want to treasure, but the toddler phase, the child phase, the preteen stage and every stage thereafter, even up to adult as I am now to my mom. I don’t want to waste time missing any of these moments with my children for whatever the reason may be. Each of my children need me and I need them too. And how thankful and blessed I am to be surrounded each day by family that loves me!


  1. oh wow hasn't he grown. Those little cheeks are getting all chubby....just gorgeous.

  2. Lovely post, I like your approach to motherhood and you have stunningly beautiful children!

  3. Great pictures! I love your picniking skills! ;) And this is such an awesome post!

  4. what a great post and pictures! :) I love them all the last one is soo cute!

  5. Another beautiful post by you. I love all of the photos. It is so easy to forget to appreciate each phase our children are in; thanks for the reminder.

  6. Jesse is certainly growing.

    How beautifully expressed, yes, we do need to cherish every moment and every phase of our children's adventures of growing.

  7. I love the pictures! It is amazing how fast they grow!

  8. Nicely said. Good food for thought.

  9. I read a suggestion recently, rather than do a to do list, make a task list that can be rolled over to other things.

  10. You must teach me how to take pictures LOL! I think my camera needs me to read it's manual actually. Really though your pictures are so gorgeous. Great tips to remember as well. i am off to spend Saturday with my family :)

  11. What a great way to go to bed. At night is when I seem to get most stressed thinking about what needs to be done. I like the idea of Back to the Basics. In our new home I just want to keep things simple.

  12. Wonderful post! I love the pictures of the kids. It is so cute to see them bonding with the baby!

  13. I just have to jump in & say I love reading ur blog! :)

  14. WOw Jesse really is growing--that photo with Jack on the play mat is too sweet. I can't believe Jesse's hair--my sweet boy is 4 months old and still a baldy!

  15. Your family is beautiful in every sense of the word. The picture of three boys together is very precious.

  16. Our babies were born just a few days apart so I enjoy reading your posts and seeing how your little guy is growing.
    My two older kids just love the baby so much. If he is awake (and not being fed) they are all over him. Kissing, hugging and talking to him. It is so cute and I love it!

  17. What amazing pictures!! Jesse is getting so big. I agree there is nothing like everything that is BABY. I feel the same way, I love Emily, but right now there is something so special about Juliette, how she just melts into my arms and needs me so much :0)

  18. I hope you are framing some of these pictures. Precious!!!!