Friday, June 26, 2009

Taking Time to Count Blessings

I've been in a serious frame of mind the last week or two. Feeling very emotional and very sentimental. Looking back and reflecting on the years I've been blessed to share here on this earth with my 3 precious children. Each of them has blessed me in their own unique, individual way. Words cannot truly convey the love and gratitude I feel for them. Being a mother is a joy that is like nothing else I've ever experienced in my life and I thank Heavenly Father for blessing me so plentifully in my mothering journey!

I'm sure some of this emotion is due to my pregnancy, are a few thoughts I've had lately....Hanna has been showing true signs of growing up lately. She needs me less it seems each day in some ways and more in other ways. For example, she enjoys spending time alone in her room now instead of always doing everything in our big family room. I try to remember back to when I was her age--I know I did this same thing--I remember it, but some days I miss her always there by my side just as Joe and Jack are now.

Joe is also maturing. He is truly growing into a young boy now. I will treasure still being able to do small things with him like holding his hand as we cross a street or parking lot because this will be gone all too soon. WOW, it can be tough watching these changes!! You are so very thankful that your children are healthy and growing physically and emotionally as they should be, but there is a sadness (for me at least) that comes along with this growth.

Jack is still my baby for now, even though his first 15 months have gone in the blink of an eye! He is still my snuggly, cuddly, lap baby who needs to be held often, carried and taken care of in every way! I treasure each tender moment of holding and cuddling that I get with him and have from day one in a way that I didn't with Hanna and Joe. I think this is because I know it will be gone so fast.

I am thankful for my sweet Jesse and thank Heavenly Father each day and night for every move inside of me assuring me that Jesse is growing and thriving. I can't wait to hold him and meet him. I can't wait to bring him home and have him be part of our family. To watch him bond with Hanna, Joe and Jack. I watch Hanna and Joe grow closer each day, especially this past month. They are constantly together talking, playing, laughing, and yes, sometimes squabbling--but the bond and relationship that is growing between them is priceless and eternal!

I love raising my children. I love having such a special, truly wonderful husband and father to help me raise our children and to love me as we do this together. I couldn't ask for more!



  1. It would be nice to capture a moment or stop time. This is very bittersweet. It's how all the mommas in the world feel.

  2. You made me cry and I'm not even pregnant! (Breastfeeding hormones perhaps...)
    That's a beautiful picture of the children. Love the name you've picked for the newest addition too.