Friday, July 31, 2009

Pioneer Project Final Week Four

We wrapped up our Pioneer unit study this week. This has been a fun unit study for all of us. Joe has especially learned alot from all we've studied and done.

This week we had a pioneer themed Muffin Tin Monday, complete with an edible covered wagon and homemade butter in a baby food jar. The kids loved their muffin tins and all that was in them, and they thoroughly enjoyed making the butter the previous day. *For recipes on the edible wagon and baby food jar butter, join me for Simply Made Sunday-In the Kitchen With Mom, tomorrow. To read all about Simply Made Sunday (with hopes that you'll participate after reading:-)!), click *here*.


We studied shadow clocks and talked a little about how this method of telling time is different from our modern day clocks that tell time for us.

We watched more Little House, of course:-), and finished reading some library books about pioneers and the Oregon Trail. We also read some books about our religious heritage that pertain to the pioneers and their journey to the Salt Lake Valley. Our children's church magazine, The Friend, is all about pioneers this month so we read stories and did the activities in this magazine too. The kids enjoyed each of them and so did I!

It's been lots of fun doing a unit study the last couple of months. However, we will not be doing a unit study for the months of August-October. I need a little extra time to prepare for the baby and then get adjusted after he is here. I do have extra crafts planned out though and will post those as we complete them along with a "how to". I know there will be some time after the baby when I can't post as often, so I've been working on some informative "how to" posts to fill these gaps:-). Don't worry I won't go MIA!!


  1. I've really enjoyed reading your pioneer study and seeing all that you do! And looking forward to seeing your SMS recipes!

  2. I am looking forward to your recipes too.