Friday, October 9, 2009

Baby O.'s Birthday

Yes, we actually had a birthday party for our cat--Hanna's cat to be exact. Each year Hanna gives her cat a birthday party complete with a gift. How can I say no?! This year her Baby O. turned 6. She made an adorable birthday banner earlier in the week for him, and even had me take her to the store to buy him some special cat treats for his gift.

She and Joe had so much fun watching him "unwrap" his treats. Hanna filled a cardboard tube with tissue paper halfway, then put treats in, and then covered them with more tissue paper. Here he is discovering his gift.

He sees it. He smells the treats:

He decides to investigate and pulls them out:

He finds them and eats!!

Hanna loves her cat so much. He is a special part of our family, because he is so special to her. It was fun watching her enjoy his little party today:-).


  1. How sweet! I don't remember doing birthdays for our pets, but they definately were included in Christmas!

  2. So cute! Our puppy is going to be one on November 11, and we are definitely going to be celebrating.

  3. so cute! happy birthday Baby O! We always forget to do our italian greyhound its Dec 22nd and we get to wrapped up in the christmas season. but this year it is in bold HUGE letters cuz she is going to be 13! big party!

    I love that you had a party and baby O had fun!

  4. That is so cool! I have always wanted a cat, but my asthma really gets in the way of fulfilling that dream.

  5. Baby O should be called Big O! What a huge cat! He is so cute and I love how she gave him a party and birthday treats!

  6. Love it! Baby O is a very pretty cat and clearly a family member :)