Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jesse-One Month Old

I can't believe it--my sweet Jesse will be one month old tomorrow! Wow, his first month has flown by! It has been, and still is an emotional rollercoaster for me. However, I cannot tell you just how much our family has been blessed by bringing Jesse home, and having him become part of our family. It's amazing to me just how much each of the kids loves him and wants to help take care of him. I know that each month will fly by just as this first one has. I try to remind myself of this each day so that I don't miss these precious moments/days with not only Jesse, but with each of my kids.

We have gotten back into the groove of school at home the last two weeks. Things are going smoothly after making a few changes that have drastically helped with Hanna's and Jack's school time. I have discovered a way to keep Jack entertained, and even have a little "school" time of his own, while I do school with Joe and Hanna. I will share this in his Tot School post tomorrow.

Jesse has grown alot this past week! His cheeks and legs are really filling out. He is by far our most laid back baby. We needed this, and he is an answer to prayers. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from this past week of Jesse.

Brotherly Love:

Enjoying his swing:

In his bouncy seat:

In his rocking chair:

Just after a bath:

Another yawn, I love these:

My favorites this week with Jesse:

  • holding him as much as I can
  • watching him learn to focus on me, and seeing him "notice" me
  • watching all of his siblings love and bond with him
  • his first smile yesterday, yes, a real one!! With me!!
I love my Jesse. He is such a sweet baby. Such a reminder of what's most important to me and to the whole scheme of things. I love being a mom. It is the most challenging, yet the most rewarding experience of my whole life, and I couldn't have anyone better to share this journey with than my wonderful husband!


  1. Oh, so so very sweet! I found your blog from my friend Becca's!

    I'm a follower...


  2. Awwwww...... Isn't it funny how we all have favorite shots we like to take? I love the yawning picture

  3. It's hard to believe that a month has already gone by. He is adorable, just like your other children!

    I know it has been emotional for you, know I pray daily for God to grace you with peace.

  4. Beautiful pictures. I love the photo of your three boys, and Jesse's yawn. And hooray for his first smile, so wonderful that it was for you, too!

  5. Gosh, I just love those BIG eyes! What a sweet boy. :) I have heard that it takes 6 months to get to where you feel like you have achieved a "new norml" for your family - but look at you! You are already back into the school groove and you've made some good changes to help things go more smoothly... I can't wait to read your tot school post tomorrow! You are doing a great job, Susana, and your family is blessed to have YOU! :) (I know they are blessings to you too!)

  6. I love yawning baby photos! All of the pictures are great. Time goes by too fast. R is by far our most laid back child and has been from the minute she was born. We needed that too because C has been incredibly INTENSE from the minute he was born.

  7. I love those first smiles! It took Aiden 2 months before he ever smiled!! Being my first child, I thought he was an unhappy baby and was beyond thrilled/relived when he finally did it!

  8. Wow. Time goes so fast. It seems just like yesterday you told us that he was born. He is so beautiful. I have to be honest, when I see pics of him I get a little baby fever. Don't tell my hubby. He'll run away.

  9. Where has the month gone?! He's adorable and I love the picture of the boys together.

    I have always loved yawning babies as well!

  10. I just love all the pictures and your sincere words of love for him and for your family. Jesse is so blessed to be born into a wonderful and close family like yours.

  11. wow is he seriously 1 month old that is amazing time flew way to fast!! !:)

    he is a real cute! love the pictures!