Friday, October 9, 2009

Pin Curls and Lizards

Hanna has been reading the American Girl Molly series. She and I have been enjoying the movie as well. In this book/movie Molly's older sister fixes her hair in pin curls with bobby pins. Hanna decided she wanted to give this a try.

Today after she washed her hair my mom fixed it up with tons of pin curls and bobby pins while it was still wet. Hanna left it like this until it was completely dry. She looked so sweet and cute, and was so proud of it too:-). I don't know what you think, but I think she looks so much like me in this profile shot--I was surprised when I saw it!!

Here she is after the bobby pins were taken out. It fell in nice, loose curls all around. She loved it, and put the pink flower in herself:-).

I know there will come a time when Hanna is done chasing and catching lizards. I try to capture these innocent, childhood moments whenever I can. Hanna caught a lizard this week and was so happy with her catch. Here she is with her little green guy.

I love my Hanna. She is a sweet, beautiful girl! As I write this post and look at these pictures, I am filled with emotions of all different sorts--gratitude for Hanna. Disbelief that the years have passed so quickly since she was just Jesse's size. My, how time does truly fly! Again, I am so thankful for my girl!!


  1. Enjoy these days with Hanah! I miss these same things with my daughter, the pen curls, or wrapping her hair up in rags, the creating a habitat for salamanders for her science fair project, the raising of the salamanders, yes the catching them, the crickets that would get out during feedings. But hey I have all this to go through again with Selena. You are one blessed mommy and Hanah is one blessed girl to have a mom who takes much joy in these times of her life!

  2. UGH so bitter sweet. My mom just bought a pair of size 8 pants for Zorro who currently wears a 3/4 and I told her it will be a sad day when he fits into those.

  3. This brought tears to my eyes. My children are growing up so fast, and it is so difficult to capture,enjoy, and appreciate all of the little moments. She looks beautiful! You are right too, she looks so much like you in that photo.

  4. she does look like you in that side shot! They do grow up so fast, at times I wanna turn back the clock and make sure she did everything and enjoyed every moment!

  5. She is so pretty and LOVE her hair!

    Her and my 9 yr old would be such great friends runnng around catching lizards together!

    they grow up way to fast :(

  6. Sigh, I wish my hair would curl that prettily. Of course, I would have to actually try.....
    She must be fast to catch the lizard.

  7. Her curled hair looks so pretty and the first thing I thought when I saw the side shot was how much she looks like you!

  8. I love pin curls! My Memaw used to put her whole head up in pin curls each day! Hanna looks beautiful, and she ALWAYS looks like you to me, lol. I guess sometimes it takes an outsider to see that.
    I am so excited to read your posts and use the computer for the first time in a couple of days!

  9. I have always thought she looked like you! My Memaw used to put pin curls in our hair. I usually hated it the next day and washed it out. LOL! Hanna's hair looks so pretty!

    She's beautiful!

  10. I agree with Jenny - always thought Hanna looks like you and so does Jesse, and the other two look like your dh. It's the face shape mostly I think.

    Oooh pin curls. Something to look forward to with mine.