Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crazy Things This Past Week

First of all, we are 95% finished with Hanna's room. Just too tired to post pics tonight. I will tomorrow though for sure. It is looking super. Just little odds and ends to finish up and decorating.

This past week Joe has decided that he is going to wait for me downstairs in our mudroom when I leave to exercise each morning. I won't even know he's out of bed, I'll just be all dressed and head down to put on my tennis shoes and there he is grinning from ear to ear and begging to go with me. Well, obviously he can't go with me--one, it's my time to be alone:-) each day, and two, I am not pushing my 4 year old in a stroller while I jog. So, each morning the last couple of weeks I've told him to go back upstairs, play, get Hanna and so forth and to my knowledge he does.

I found out that a few mornings last week after I left he put on his rubber boots, wearing only a pajama top and underwear and went out into our driveway and front yard to play with our cats ALONE for who knows how long. We live on a very busy street! Jamie, Hanna, and Jack are still asleep when I leave each morning--they don't know it if Joe is awake or not. He told Jamie about his adventures over breakfast last week. We are hoping this doesn't continue and have been keeping a very close watch on him now--this really scared us. Joe is also notorious for hiding from me in stores and watching me try to find him--not funny or cute!

OK, here's the other thing--this is not pretty, so read with caution. Jack has been taking off articles of clothing before his nap time. He's also cutting molars right now, so sometimes he doesn't even nap, just plays around in his crib during nap time. I do not get our kids up before nap time is over--I am a firm Baby Wise believer:-).

He stripped down to nothing one day last week. I went into his room because nap time was over, it smelled so bad in there. He had pooped in his crib, rubbed it all over himself, his hair, his blanket, lovie, crib slats, crib--disgusting! I've never had one of mine to do anything like this and was honestly appalled! It took so long to clean all of this up!! I had to throw away some of his stuffed animals, just too gross. We've been dressing him in the hardest things to remove that he has since then. He hasn't removed an entire article of clothing since this, but has gotten some partially off. Has this ever happened to you?

That's all I have for now. We had a very busy, but very productive day!! Hoping tomorrow proves to be just as productive, and Jesse will hold out until we have everything ready for him!

Pictures tomorrow:-).


  1. I can't wait to see Hanna's room!
    That is definitely scary about Joe. Yikes. We live on a very quiet street and that would still scare me.
    I have been lucky to not experience what Jack did, but I have heard of this happening to other people. Not fun!

  2. That is so nasty but I did sort of laugh. I know I wouldn't laugh though if this would have happened to me so I apologize for doing so!
    As for Joe, that would have scared me too! You just can't trust people anymore so you never know what could have happened but luckily didn't!