Monday, August 31, 2009

Room Number Two

Jamie started on Jesse's room today. He got nail holes spackled, the ceiling scraped (it's got to be repainted), and the paint on the walls. There isn't really much more to do in this room after he paints the ceiling and trim. It will be ready for all of Jesse's things and decorating. However, I am not ready with all of the decor and we still don't have a crib. We have made a final decision to take our time getting his room set up. We'll have a rocking chair, bassinet and necessities in his room and are going to take our time getting the rest done. It is just less stressful that way.

Here is the room before. This was Hanna's old room.

Here it is after painting today:

I'll post more as we do more.

I spent my day doing much needed laundry, trying to make a dent in planning out a couple months worth of homeschool lesson plans for both Hanna and Joe, playing with the kids and doing a little bit of cleaning.

Hanna couldn't wait to get started on some of her craft projects she got for her birthday. She started on her knot a quilt kit and is having lots of fun with it. Thank you Aunt Teresa and Uncle Matthew!

Tomorrow is the start of a new week. I am hoping to somehow get a bit of relaxing in, and I'd also like to take advantage of the cooler weather we will have and take the kids to the zoo!!


  1. What color did you paint those walls? I like it, it's neutral but has a good bit of color in it. Your Hanna is a pretty little thing...

  2. I hope you have a good day. The room looks great already. I think that knot a quilt sounds cool.

  3. Knot quilts are fun, and if she wants to make another one after she's finished this, I can tell you how to make it (super easy).
    Love the new color on the room.