Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One Down (almost)--One To Go!!

Well, we are 99% finished with Hanna's room. Here is what's left:
  • move ceiling fan from old room to new room
  • new track lighting
  • corner molding in reading nook wall
  • light switch/outlet covers
  • touch up pink paint
  • new bedding--hasn't arrived yet
We plan to finish all of this except the fan and track lighting tomorrow night. We'll do the lights soon:-). Running out of steam.

Here are some before and after pics--to read all of my room reno posts from start to finish, click *here*, *here* and *here*:

hanna's "new" room before


hanna's room before pic1

Hanna loves her new room. She especially loves her pink carpet in her "reading nook" and her cool papasan chair her Nana and Grandpa gave her. Her birthday is next week, and this is an early birthday present from them.

It's a bit different having her downstairs. She used to be right across the hall from Jamie and myself. I suppose once Jesse is in her old room it will seem a little more real and "normal". Hanna and Jack have bedrooms downstairs and the rest of us are upstairs. (Our house has an odd set-up.)

I am really happy with how her room is coming together! I think Jamie has done a super job, and I'm thankful he is happy, capable and willing to do these projects for our home and family!

More pictures when the room is 100%!


  1. Hanna's room looks great! My sister has a papasan chair in her house and my kids LOVE it.

  2. It's looks awesome!!!! I love it!

  3. It looks beautiful! Good job getting it done (especially to Jaime)!

  4. New here..hope you don't mind comments!
    I'm so so impressed! Love love it:) You have a real knack for design!

  5. I love her room! :) I wanted a room like hers when i was little!

  6. Oh my goodness!! I can't believe this is the same room. You have done some amazing things to transform the place and I can only imagine how much your daughter loves her new room!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog last week for Muffin Tin Monday...I'm a little late in returning the favor, but I wanted to come by to say hello!! You have such a great blog here and an adorable family. Best wishes as you await the arrival of your newest family member! ;)

  7. Hanna you look so much like your grandma Susan in your chair. your room is beautiful. Daddy did a jam up job.

  8. How'd I miss this? The transformation is beautiful! I love how bright and cheery it is! You all have worked so hard, I know! Great jonb!

  9. susana, can you be my mom? seriously.... you guys did an amazing job with this transformation... you are such a great mom to your kids..so creative... and so in tune!