Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finished Pottery Pieces & Fifth Grade Week 10

First a very brief wrap-up of what Hanna learned this week, and then on to her finished pottery pieces I couldn't wait to pick up!!

This week Hanna worked on:
  • ELA/Math-Sandi McQueen's Language Lessons 25-28 and Rod and Staff Math lessons 33-36.
  • History-History Odyssey~Ancients Level Two lesson 15; completed 4 more sections in Ancient Egypt History Pocket.
  • Science-Apologia Zoology 1~Flying Creatures Lessons 8 & 9. She made a very cool baby pterosaur fossil. You can see a "how to" on this fun project *here*.
  • Wordly Wise-Lesson 9
  • Field Trip-We took a day trip to a nearby Science Museum. You can read about that *here*.
I couldn't wait to get Hanna's finished pottery pieces back. Here are the final pieces. I think they turned out great and can't wait to put them out and up around our home! If you'd like to see the pieces before they were finished click *here*.

Here is Hanna beside her cat mask (each student had a couple of pieces on display):


Angel Fish Plate:

Tea Pot and Drummer for dad:

Small Pots from Wheel (I have many of these:-), I use them for candles, salsa and dip bowls):

Square Plate (I am using this beside my stove as a trivet) and Mosaic:


  1. Happy SITS Day! I love all the clay pieces that Hanna has made, especially the fishbowl and the glass piece trivet. Very creative!!

  2. I made a pottery bowl just like those in the last picture when I was in first grade. I think my mom still has it. :)
    I would love to do something like that with my kiddos.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. the pottery is just wonderful! I love how well rounded your curriculum is :-)

  4. I love the pieces she made! They look great. I'm going to look for a pottery class; I think my oldest would love that.

  5. Awesome pieces!! Those are really great! LOVE the drum set for dad!!

  6. wow what awesome pieces she is soo talented!!! :)

  7. Beautiful creations, Hanna! Your tea pot has so much character - adorable! Nice job on them all!

    Susana - you are really pluggin along nicely! It is nice to see you get such a great start to your year and get so much done before Jesse arrives!

  8. Beautiful clay creations. Love the blog.

  9. Wow she is very talented, well done. We have also started pottery this past year and my 7yr old loves it.

  10. Wow, Hannah should be very proud of herself!!!! I can not get over the teapot, beautiful work!!!

  11. I just love those kind of pottery places where you get to create or pick a piece and then paint it and they bake it for you! Your post reminded me that my sister and I were going to take the kids to one and didn't make it in the spring...I smell a field trip in the making :)

  12. I am just in awe - Hannah is truly talented. It's wonderful that she can express her talent in so well. I don't even know which piece is my favorite - they are all brilliant in their own way.