Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fondue, Flowers & Godiva--Who Needs More?

We got much done around our home this weekend. It was very productive and happy too. Jamie and I celebrated our Anniversary very quietly at home. We put the kids to bed early and had a very, very yummy cheese fondue with lots of fruits, veggies and breads for dipping. Our most favorite place to eat is The Melting Pot. Since we couldn't get to The Melting Pot this year, we brought it home. We enjoy doing fondue at home every now and then.

Jamie got me lots of Godiva chocolates:-) and beautiful flowers too. I know some women don't care for flowers, but I'll admit it, they make me feel special and appreciated and I love it when Jamie gives me flowers.


I got Jamie chocolate too, and Sudoko and word puzzle books--he loves these things!! I don't have the patience for them:-).

My friend, Michelle, informed me a couple months back that the "traditional" gifts for your 6th wedding anniversary are chocolate and wood. Well, chocolate was a no brainer for me--you know my love of chocolate!! Jamie and I both had the chocolate covered with no problem. As for the wood, we didn't get near the wood that my friend Michelle and her husband got for their anniversary, but....we did purchase wood on the day of our anniversary for the bookshelves in Hanna's new room. Which, by the way, is moving along so very quickly now!!!! I will post pics of it later today or first thing tomorrow (I hope!).

Jamie and I enjoyed so much just talking to one another while eating our fondue, and then we ate some of our chocolates and watched a movie. We even managed to stay awake for it!! We both "burn the candle at both ends" much too often the last few months. **I am choosing not to even think about all of the calories I consumed and will consume through fondue and chocolate last night and this upcoming week:-).**

This was our first year not going away for our anniversary together. Even so, we had a nice night, and what matters to me most is that it marked the day that the six happiest years of my life began, and started another year of happiness with the love of my life.


  1. Sounds like it was a very special time! The fondue and chocolate look yummy and the flowers are beautiful! Wonderful idea to buy the shelves for Hanna's room! *Ü*

  2. The flowers are gorgeous. I love receiving flowers too! I am craving Godiva right now too - my favorites are truffles. I have never made fondue at home, and I have never been to The Melting Pot. I'm glad you enjoyed your day!

  3. Happy belated sixth anniversary, it sounds like you all had a wonderful day. And, I love your new profile picture BTW, your hair looks awesome!!

  4. So glad you guys had such a wonderful time! Happy Anniversary! That fondue looked soooo good!!!

  5. What a sweet post! Happy (late) anniversary!

  6. Happy Aniversary! That's a fun idea to do the traditional aniversary gift thing! Can wood be like a pretty wooden box, or does it have to be lumber? I'll have to look up the eight year one. Hopefully it's not expensive. I know some of them are like silver and gold. I've played around with a couple fondue recipes, but they're nowhere near perfect. What do you all do for fondue? Are you happy with your recipe?