Monday, August 17, 2009

Making Headway & Joe's First FHE Lesson

We are slowly making progress in our efforts to get things ready for Jesse. After a whole day (Saturday) of watching online DIY tutorials, lots of trial and error and trips to Lowe's, Jamie finally figured out how to properly put up the crown molding in Hanna's new room. He is finishing it up tonight and then things should move quickly (yeah right) the rest of the week. We are so hoping to move her into her new room this weekend!!

I got all of Jesse's newborn clothes unpacked (they hadn't even been packed up a whole year, WOW!), washed up and folded today.

Now, we just need to get Hanna out of his room and get his room ready so I have some place to put them all. I ordered his crib bedding, click *here* to see a picture of it--we just need to buy his crib, and I'll have some place to put it:-). My goal is to have our hospital bags packed by the end of the week.

Joe gave his first Family Home Evening Lesson tonight. He used a couple of packages he got in Primary over the last two weeks at church. He did such a great job and he was so proud to give the lesson. It was so fun to watch him and hear all that he is learning about the gospel and remembering.

He chose the songs we sang--the kids had fun spinning and jumping (among other actions) to "Do As I'm Doing".

I got the cutest picture of them all sitting in front of the fireplace ready for the closing prayer. Hanna was already sitting there and Joe and Jack just followed her over. This was the perfect photo opportunity waiting to happen!

We ended our lesson with chocolate cupcakes! Today was a great start to our week. We had a productive school day, fun craft time, a yummy meal (I finally restocked our freezer at Let's Dish today!!) with lots of veggies (I was craving these), and a super fun Family Home Evening Lesson to end our day.

**Today was the first official day of school in our district. I must say it felt so nice to not be a part of it. It was great knowing we are "officially" homeschoolers now!**


  1. What a wonderful day you had! The kids look so cute waiting to pray! I love all the little newborn clothes lined up waiting to be put away! And your crib set is adorable!

    You will enjoy school so much more now that public school is in - there is just a peace and quiet about the neighborhood when everyone else is gone!

  2. I love this post. Everything about it is just so genuine and sweet. By the way, your house is beautiful!