Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009—Part One

We had a wonderful Christmas Day.  Everything went just as I’d hoped.  The kids were all so happy the whole day long and we truly enjoyed our day together just as much as I’d been anticipating. 

Hanna woke us all up around 7am.  The kids could hardly wait to see what Santa left for them.  We walked in and found this….


Of course, they all started spotting their presents and got totally excited!  Jack immediately ran to his spot where he found his buggy full of groceries and felt play foods.  This kept him busy for quite some time before he was ready to open presents from me and Jamie.



In the meantime, Joe spotted his gift from Santa, and was SO excited!!  He got Spike and played with him all day long.  This was by far his favorite present.




Hanna was ecstatic to spot her stash!  From Santa she got a wardrobe for her American Girl clothes/accessories and a Salon Chair.  She didn’t waste any time trying out the salon chair.



Hanna’s favorite gift was the American Girl Doll Kirsten.  She was really hoping she’d get this and was grinning from ear to ear when she opened the box.


She had fun playing with all of her American Girl stuff throughout the day.  I love American Girl, and have to admit, I introduced Hanna to it in hopes that she’d fall in love with it—it worked!!  I like getting and playing with this stuff as much as Hanna does:-).

She had a tea party with Nana, Kirsten and Felicity.


And she finally got to try Kirsten’s St. Lucia’s Day crown that Nana made for her.  It looked great!


The kids had fun opening and playing with their gifts from me and Jamie too.  Jack loves cars right now and we added some Shake ‘Em Ups to his collection.



Joe got a remote control truck he’s been asking for, for over a year.  He went back and forth all day from Spike to this truck.  He also got another piece to add to his Imaginext collection.  He loves all of his Imaginext toys, and I know Jack and Jesse will get years of play out of these too.



The kids made sure to check Santa’s cookie plate to see if he ate them.  He did!!  He also left a letter for the kids, just as he does each year.



We got a family picture.  I love to have a family picture each year on Christmas morning.  Even if we are all in pajamas, I know I will love looking back on these pictures years from now.  I already do.


Christmas morning was just as I’d hoped it would be.  We had so much fun together.  Our whole day was fun, and each of us enjoyed every minute of it! 

Stay tuned for Part Two which includes lots of Jesse.  He was napping for the first part of the morning and joined us near the end right after we finished up a delicious breakfast of french toast casserole, bacon and fresh fruit.


  1. Love it....Merry Christmas!!

  2. Sounds like a perfect Christmas morning! I'm so glad everyone had so much fun!

  3. I can see you all had a great Christmas!

    I have always loved the American Girl collection. I am hoping that Selena will love them too. Kristen was always my favorite doll!:)

  4. Merry Christmas! What a great Christmas day. I have to admit - too much wine on Christmas Eve and staying until 2 am resulted in sleepy and grumpy parents and one child very overwhelmed with multitude of presents from friends and family. But still - watching Anna's excitement in the morning was magical, and it looks like you had 3 times as much joy in your house.

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family! It looks like you had a great day! Hanna looks so happy with her Kirsten doll. I had a Kirsten doll when I was younger too, and I LOVE the American Girl dolls. Also, how is it that with a son who loves trucks and cars as much as mine that I've never heard of Shake Em Ups?! Definitely looking into those...

  6. What a great christmas and gifts for the kids!

    Glad it was a great day! Ours was too :)

    Those dolls are soo cute love the St Lucia Crown :)

    I need to get Gidget some felt food.

    Merry Christmas

  7. SO CUTE! Preston got a buggie too for christmas!!! He loves throwing any and everything in it and just pushing it around and from time to time dumping it all out onto the floor! And I right there with ya on American Girl! I always loved it when I was little!

  8. Looks like your Christmas was a dream. We had such a fun day too. I think Caleb was in heaven all day because he got to play with us and NEW toys. Seems like everyone got just what they wanted. I hope you did too.