Saturday, December 5, 2009

Growing So Fast—Jesse, 11 Weeks Old

Jesse is 11 weeks old today.  Just like last week, I held him and played with him as much as I could.  I cannot get enough of holding him, seeing him smile and just enjoying him being a baby.  This entire week I honestly felt as if a cloud of negativity had been lifted and I was seeing everything through different eyes, different but the same.  The same because the old me was back.  I enjoyed, loved and had fun with my kids and Jamie like I haven’t done in so long.  I cannot believe how different Jesse’s pregnancy was emotionally for me and continued to be postpartum until about two weeks ago.  I have been so happy this week that I cannot even put it into words.  I have offered so many prayers of gratitude for these feelings of happiness. 

I got a few pictures of Jesse, but I realized not nearly as many as I usually get.  I think I was so carried away in the moments of each day that I didn’t remember to pull my camera out often enough.

The kids all still enjoy holding Jesse. 


Jesse has the biggest eyes and they are always so bright.  His cheeks are getting so chubby and cute.


I like this picture because Jesse was looking right at me and has such a sweet grin on his face. 


One more sitting in the rocking chair in his room.


What do I love about Jesse right now:

  • his sweet baby smell
  • his hair
  • hearing him coo
  • seeing him smile as soon as he hears my voice
  • the way his head fits perfectly against my neck
  • he feels so warm and snuggly


  1. Jesse is so adorable. I love those eyes and that head of hair.

    You will cherish this forever!

  2. those are such great pics! love the one of him smiling! :) he is really filling out and changing isn't he!

    he is getting so big :)

  3. He's getting so big. What a cutie!

  4. I love that you post this every week. It's so nice to see how he is growing. So sweet.

  5. I agree. I love that picture of him looking right at you. It's super cute.

  6. I love reading about Jesse and your feelings of love and devotion every week. He is an adorable baby, but definitely not a newborn any longer.

  7. I just love his hairdo! He is adorable!

  8. He's growing so fast!!! And he is precious! I think he kind of looks like the eyes.

  9. He is too cute, I love his little hair flip, Juliette has a similar hair style going on!!