Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Playing for Fun?

It’s been so nice at home this week just letting the kids play having no real schedule, or having to worry about school lessons.  They have been enjoying Christmas toys, staying up late, sleeping in and doing whatever they want!

When I was shopping for Christmas gifts, of course I made sure to get what was asked for, but I also snuck in some toys that would be good fun fun play as well as work on fine motor skills, manipulation and have an educational twist. 

So far, the top two toys out of this bunch have been Straws and Connectors….


….and Shapescapes.


Hanna and Joe both equally enjoy these toys and I am so impressed with them myself after seeing the fun they are having creating with them!  I tested these both out weeks ago when they arrived in the mail and I can’t lie—I was very doubtful that the kids would like either of them.  I couldn’t do much with either one.  Well, my kids’ imagination, manipulation and abilities with these toys far exceeds my own:-)! 

They built a cool boat….


a hot air balloon….


and a tent (among other things) from the Straws and Connectors….I have already ordered another set of Straws and Connectors so they can build larger structures. 


Many cool sculptures have been made from the Shapescapes.  Here is Hanna with a cute mask….


….and other miscellaneous creations that I thought were creative and fun.  I love the “little man” in the second picture.




I LOVE finding toys like these!!  They are unique, promote creativity, imagination, help develop fine motor skills and the best part—the kids find them fun and they keep them entertained.


  1. What a neat toy you picked up there. I love all their creations!

  2. I LOVE their creations! The Straws and Connectors are played with all the time in my house. We love them.

  3. Beautiful toys and wonderfully creative constructions! I have to admit that browsing blogs and looking at all the toys and games makes me wish for another excuse to buy more toys for Anna. I am working hard on reminding myself about our space limitations, but straws and connectors will definitely go on my short list for next occasion :)

  4. Where did you find straws and connects? Looked everywhere to get it for Lu but couldn't find it!
    Their creations are wonderful, looks like they had tons of fun!

  5. Those straws look awesome! I'll be ordering some of those for my kiddos as soon as they come back in stock! Thanks for sharing this wonderful find!

  6. Oh, I love those straws and connectors. I am going to have to get those for Weslyn's birthday!