Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day 2009—Part Two

Jesse joined us shortly after breakfast on Christmas morning.  The kids had already opened presents from Santa and from me and Jamie.  My parents stopped over for a short visit, along with my brother and sister-in-law to give the kids their gifts.

The kids had fun opening presents all over again and then playing with what they got.

Favorites were….



….this Playskool busy gears toy for Jack.  He loved this, and has been playing with it often since yesterday. 

Joe got a model dinosaur kit, and was begging to paint one last night.  He spent so much time painting his dinosaur.  He put alot of thought into the colors and tried to be so careful while painting.  He was so proud of it when he finished.  He has another to paint too, and I’m sure he’ll do it soon.  I love presents like this:-).



I got some good family pictures too.  Here is my brother, Teresa, Hanna and Joe. 


Here is my dad, Jack and Jesse.


My Dad and Jesse.


What Christmas would be complete without presents for the cats?  Hanna asked me to make homemade cat treats this year for our cats.  She enjoyed giving them to Baby O., and then our two outdoor cats, Kit and Lexxie.  She is so sweet to always remember them, and treat them all so lovingly.


I’ve got just a bit more to share from our Christmas Day, and will save that for another post.  What’s left deserves a post all it’s own. 


  1. I am always amazed with what an amazing close family you have. Love Joe's dinosaur - great color selection!

  2. she is a very seet girl! :) I bet the cats loved their treats!

    the paint a dinosaur kit is fun tif got it one year :)

    the busy gears looks like alot of fun!

    LOVE the pictures! looks like your christmas was very fun and special

  3. Looks like you had a great time with the family. I love Joe's dinosaur. I think he did an excellent job. I love Christmas!

  4. Nice photos. I love gifts like that dinosaur painting kit too.

  5. So cute!! Juliette got that Playskool Gears toy for Christmas too! She loved watching it spin around in the box, however we haven't taken it out yet. I have a feeling Emily is going to Enjoy it very much too :0)