Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ornaments from Nana

On Hanna’s first Christmas my mom began the tradition of making an ornament for the grandkids each year.  She puts alot of thought into each child’s ornament, and usually they either tie in with the gift she is giving them, or something they really like at the time.  I love seeing these ornaments each year as I take them out and hang them.  They bring back so many memories from when each child was younger.  I also enjoy getting the new ones each year.  It’s funny how as a parent when your kids get excited over something/get something new it’s like getting it yourself.  You share their enthusiasm and enjoy things in ways you never knew existed before becoming a parent. 

This year my favorite of the kids’ ornaments was Jesse’s.  He got a sweet, little lamb ornament….


….to go with the Lamb Lovie she gave him.


She made the other kids’ ornaments from drawings on Shrinky Dinks paper.  Joe’s ornament was a dragon to go along with the Fisher Price dragon he got.


Jack’s ornament was a dinosaur….


to go along with the Junior Spike he got. 


Hanna’s ornament was a letter “H” with glitter and snowflakes on it.  This was to go with the calligraphy set she got.  Hanna loves to write and has wanted a set like this for quite some time.  She spent a couple hours yesterday practicing and having fun with this set.


I know I will treasure these ornaments my mom makes for a lifetime, and I hope my kids will too.  I love the sentimental parts of Christmas time best.  Anything we do that makes memories, traditions and the actual time we spend together is what means the most to me each year.  Sure, it is a blast watching the kids get so excited over their presents, but years from now after the kids are grown and on their own, I know what will mean the most to me are the times we spent together—my memories—mental ones, pictures and recorded thoughts that will last me a lifetime. 

I am so very thankful for the special time we had together on Christmas Day.  As I write this the day after Christmas I have nothing but happy thoughts to recall, and this is such a blessing.  I love my family with all my heart, and hope they know how much they each mean to me.


  1. I shouldn't ask where the craftiness come home - it clearly runs generations deep. Those ornaments are so beautiful and so meaningful - your children are lucky to have a grandma that cares so much about them.

  2. This is so sweet. The ornaments are fantastic. I love the lamb.

  3. Wow that was a fast switch over to a new blog header!

    I'm all caught up with your Christmas celebrations now. I am glad you had such a lovely time and that everything went so well. It looks like you were surrounded by a lot of love, as it should be♥