Sunday, December 20, 2009

It’s Christmas Time—Take Two

This evening we got together with my side of the family for my uncle’s birthday and Christmas.  It was another fun time for everyone—of course, I think the kids enjoyed it the most! 

After a nice dinner it was time for my uncle to blow out his candles.  His favorite cake is pound cake, so that’s what he got!!  Joe was more than happy to help him with the candles, and obviously Jamie too, as I noticed in the background when I edited pictures.  The expression on his face cracked me up!  I’m hoping he was joking around:-).


After opening presents….


….it was time for the kids to open theirs.  They were seriously bouncing off the walls waiting.  They opened their gifts from my Uncle first, and then their stockings that my mom gets them each year.  She’s done this since Hanna’s first Christmas.

Joe was happy to get more dinosaur tracks for his Hot Wheels collection.  He loves setting these things up and making all sorts of different “stunts” for the cars.


Jack’s fave was more trucks!  He got Road Rippers.  Joe never got into the Road Rippers, but Jack LOVES them.  I think it is so funny that as a parent so many of the toys I see and say to myself, “Oh, we will not have that one at home, no way!”, ends up being in our playroom months or a couple years down the road because one of the kids likes it so much—well, Road Rippers definitely falls into this category!  Hanna had fun helping Jack open his gifts.




Hanna was very excited to get money from Uncle Eddie this year.  She is saving any Christmas money and allowance for our February weekend trip to the American Girl store.  We took her there for her 8th birthday and it was SO much fun. She has wanted to go back ever since and she can’t wait!  Jesse got clothes.

Joe was very, very excited to get his very own Webkinz.  He’s seen Hanna collect these animals for a couple years now, and he thought it was so cool to have one of his own. 


Hanna’s faves, a St. Lucia’s wreath for the American Girl, Kirsten—you’d think Hanna was getting the doll or something:-)--my mom made this crown because it was all sold out online.  She did an amazing job!!  Now, we’ll see if Hanna gets a doll to wear it!


The American Girl book, Meet Rebecca and a Godiva chocolate bar.  I think the bar was supposed to be for me:-).


Jack’s faves were by far M&M’s!  He’s still easy to please—we haven’t made him rotten—yet.  He also liked getting one of his favorite books about trains.



We got some good family pics too.  Here is one of me, my mom, Grandma and Hanna.


Jamie and Jesse:


Sweet Jesse with his big, blue eyes and his little, clasped hands.  His face is getting so chunky!


My Grandma, Hanna and Jesse:


Me and Joe:


Me and Hanna:


Jamie and Jack:


And, where was Jesse most of this time? 


Jesse fell asleep with Pop Pop.  He is holding his stocking stuffer from Nana, a flat out bear.  I’d never seen these things before, but it is so soft.  My mom has a knack for finding unique things online for the kids and this is one of them. 


We all had a good time.  It is so fun to get together with family.  After family get togethers like we’ve had this weekend I always wish we did things like this more often.  Time passes so quickly and it seems like there’s never enough of it for making memories and having fun together.  I know that’s why it is so important to make the most of each and every day. 


  1. what a great day! :) looks like you all had a blast and the kids got lots of great goodies!

    If you guys lived her you would have to take her to the big catholic cathedral not to far away for the big St Lucia day mass i hear it is beautiful! :)

    glad you had such a great day :)

  2. All the pics are great but I do especially love the one of Jamie participating in the background. I actually laughed out loud on that one!!! All your other recent posts are great too! Sorry I haven't been commenting much. I'm so behind on blogging!

  3. What great family and Christmas fun! It looks like all of your sweet children had a great time:)

    Hannah reminds me of myself when I was her age....the American Girl series was brand new then, but I LOVED Kirsten. I had the doll, but my mom never let me really play with her...she was too "special" to change her clothes and hair and such. Good for you for letting Hannah play with her...when she gets her of course:) It amazes me how that company has grown now too...there were only like 5 or 6 girls when I was growing up!

  4. So much fun! I love the 4 generations picture. It is one of my favorites of my own pictures too! I feel so blessed that my girls have my Grandma and that she is able to see them growing up :0)

  5. Sweet pictures! It's neat that both sides of the family get to see the kids for Christmastime and get their own time to spoil them rotten :)

  6. Wonderful photos - sounds like a fun, fun, time was had by all!

  7. Hanna looks just like the new America girl Rebecca on the cover of the book in that picture!

  8. Looks like everyone is really enjoying the Christmas spirit at your house!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!

  9. How exciting that you are taking Hanna to American Girl in February! I bet she is so excited!

    Great pictures!

  10. How sweet! I love how excited the kids are over their presents.

    Selena has that same set of stacking cups, those have been her bath tub toys since she was old enough for bath tub toys. That is one of the ways she learned colors, and concepts of small and big. Just had to share that with you!

  11. I think it's so nice to break things up. Then the kids get their presents spread out a bit, too much at once is overwhelming for ER. She doesn't know which way to look first.