Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jesse-3 Months Old

Jesse is officially 3 months old today. I say it each week, but he is so sweet and gets more precious each day! I love having a baby in our home and can’t get enough of holding him!!

He gets so excited looking at his mobile. I love to watch him while he watches it. I got a video of him this week while he was in Jack’s crib checking out the mobile.

As slack as this sounds, we haven’t even gotten Jesse’s crib. He’s still (barely) fitting into his bassinet. Sadly, he won’t be in it much longer, he’s getting so big.

Here is a picture of me and Jesse that Hanna took. I didn’t realize it until I was editing pictures that we both have on grey, and he looks like he’s blending into me.


I didn’t get too many pictures this week of Jesse and the kids. We have stayed so busy that I just didn’t think about it. We’ve been having lots of fun though.

Here are several more pictures of Jesse from the week.


He’s laying on the Boppy that I had for Hanna, and I love those little fox feet on his sleeper.


This is a classic Jesse expression, when I think of him, I see this look in my mind most.


What do I love about Jesse right now:

  • the way he always has his little hands clasped
  • how quick he is to smile when I go in to get him up from naps
  • the way he coos, smiles and “talks” to me while I am feeding him
  • how he lets me snuggle him against my neck as soon as he gets up from sleeping
  • how warm he always is, and his sweet baby smell

Here is a picture of my handsome Jack. I can’t get enough of looking at his face either.


Anytime I lay Jesse on the floor or on his playmat Jack is immediately beside him ready to give him kisses and play with him. He is such a sweet big brother. He enjoys taking care of Jesse, helping to feed him and shows him so much affection daily.


It is so much fun watching Jack and Jesse. Even though it is challenging having them so close in age, it is so rewarding and I am so thankful it worked out this way.


  1. he is so darn cute!!! :) all your kids are!!! they are all so pretty.

    I love seeing the videos so does Gidget and Froggi.

    Hard to believe its been 3 months where does the time go.

  2. You must be so happy that Jack is so good with Jesse. That is wonderful. The pics are all so cute. I love the fox feet too - so incredibly cute. It feels like Jesse was just born a few weeks ago - where does time go? You look great in glasses.

  3. He is so precious! I love that little fox sleeper...that looks like something I would have put Noah in:) And I think it's great that Jesse and Jack are close in age...I wish I was able to have another child sooner than later so it could be closer to Noah, but it's not in the plans. Anyway, enjoy ALL of your beautiful children..I'm sure you will make many wonderful memories this Christmas!

  4. Sweet pictures. How cute to see Jesse playing. He is growing so fast.
    That is not what i thought your voice would sound like :)

  5. Selena wants you to know that she loves Jesse! She watched the video with me, and that is what she told me! It is hard to believe that he is 3 mo. old now!

  6. I just love seeing pictures of Jesse and other kids. What a sweet big brother Jack is! Jesse is so lucky to be born into such a loving family.

  7. Is is so darn cute! I love the "classic Jesse expression". Too cute!

  8. What a cutie pie, I love the video. He does enjoy that mobile! He is getting so big, it is amazing how fast they grow.

    We finally got Juliette into her crib, and Michael took apart the cradle that was next to our bed. It was sad, but she was way to big for it and ended up in bed with us most of the time. She is actually sleeping so much better in the crib, but I do miss peeking over at her when she was in our room. This time it took me much longer to move Juliette to the crib, Emily was in the crib at 3 months. Juliette was over 5 months!