Monday, December 28, 2009

Jesse—14 Weeks Old

I got some good pictures of Jesse over this last week.  I captured some expressions that are truly “Jesse”.  Jesse is about 16 lbs. now.  I have officially packed up his newborn clothes, and he has  no more growing room in his bassinet.  We have got to get this little man’s crib set up!!  He was beginning to sleep through the night a couple weeks ago more so than not.  For some reason he has gone backwards.  He is back to waking up between 2am-4am pretty much nightly.  I’m hoping he decides he’d like to sleep all night very soon!

Jesse loves attention!  He wants someone in his face at all times, and he gets it too:-).  With 3 siblings and two parents who adore him, he gets plenty of it.

Here he is the night we did our Nativity play.  He was baby Jesus.


Here he is with Daddy.


Jesse with his new Lovie.


Here are my most favorites from the week.  These are the expressions Jesse has most often and to me these pictures look most like the “real Jesse”.


Jesse is a sweetheart!  He is so much fun to play with and is always so excited to play with us.  This week Jamie and I have noticed that as soon as he hears my voice he immediately starts scanning the room for me, and if he can’t find me he starts to cry—yep, another “momma’s boy”—so sweet. 

What is Jesse doing this week:

  • learning to roll over
  • coos and “talks” lots
  • bats at and grabs toys


  1. Great pics. I love that last one of him sticking his tongue out. I love his hair too.

    I hope he starts sleeping better soon. Maybe it is because he is growing so much!

    The new header looks great. I love pics of little feet.

  2. Oh what a little doll. He is so cute, I just can't believe he is growing so fast.

  3. That 14 weeks seems to have gone by so fast! Jesse is so cute! I love all of the pictures!

  4. what a cutie pie! i love all the pics of him but my fave is him sticking out his tongue!

    both my girls are mommies girls! :)

    His hair has gotten so light or just looks lighter in the pictures!

    wow 16 lbs i can't believe it Gidget weighs 23 lbs so i'm use to teeny babes

  5. forgot to tell you my girls never fully slept through the night till toddler hood and they both only took 1 nap a day and gave it up before their first birthday.

    So i hope he sleeps better then them i wouldn't wish that on anyone :)

    but wanted you to know i feel your pain

  6. Your blog is looking great! I like header.
    I haven't been able to have much free time lately, but I was excited to get on the computer tonight and see Jesse's cute little face!!
    Hope you are all doing very well!

  7. I cant get over his hair! What a cutie.

  8. Oh these are such cute pictures of him! He's getting so big! I see you in him! Just adorable!

    Love the new header! You did a great job!!!

  9. I just love it that he was part of Nativity play - how appropriate! He is so sweet and innocent, and lucky to have such a fantastic family to love him and care for him. Hopefully the STTN will return soon.

  10. Such cute pictures! He seems so itty bitty in his pictures I can't believe he's 16 pounds!! We feel like our son is giant, but he's not quite 16 pounds and 26 weeks!!! So clearly he's a peewee compared to Jesse! Ha ha!

  11. My goodness - he is adorable ... that little one of his tongue sticking out - how very cute!!! I remember when my Jesse was that age - he wasn't even close to sleeping through the night - so you are in good shape - I'll bet he settles into a routine pretty soon!

    Good luck, nonetheless!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  12. I love your little ones smile! He is so cute! I love your blog & wanted to let you know that there is an award for you over at Mommy-Guru.

  13. Those Jesse expressions are PRICELESS! He is so adorable. Hope you have a Happy New Year!