Wednesday, September 9, 2009

39 Weeks, Barricading the Kids, Repurposed TV Stand and Jesse's Room

My Tuesday started with a bang--or rather an explosion yesterday. I make a protein shake for breakfast each morning in the blender. Well, I always take the lid off and stir it just a bit (with it running). I accidentally let the spoon hit the metal blade and it flew everywhere. Not just a small amount of it either. About two thirds of it. Did I mention this shake is about 24 ounces of liquid:-)? That's right. It flew on the ceiling, my face, my pj's, up one of my arms, six cabinet fronts, the microwave, the toaster, dishwasher front, kitchen window, counter and floor. This was so much fun to clean up, and it only took me about an hour. I am very proud to say though, I did not yell, cry or lose my temper. That is major right now:-).

After this fun I went down to Hanna's room to get Joe to come up for school. I found this:

What a sweet sight and something that did much good for me. It put me back where I needed to be and reminded me of what is most important.

Here's a picture of me Hanna took yesterday--39 weeks pregnant. I hope this is the last one I get pregnant. We'll see. It's all just a matter of waiting around now. I have no plans of induction unless absolutely medically necessary. I have a feeling you'll see at least one more picture like this:-).

OK, I am having major difficulty getting dinners cooked lately. If anyone has any suggestions of how to get dinner cooked without the kids killing themselves, destroying whatever room(s) they are in and me totally losing it--please let me know!! I am open to ANY suggestions!! I am seriously ready to serve cold cereal or PB & J every night temporarily! I was so desperate yesterday that I closed all the doors in our upstairs hall, put up a baby gate, gave them balls and a couple of games, and made them stay there and play for about a half hour. They actually enjoyed it at first:

But after a bit Jack started throwing balls down the stairs and one bounced off of a picture hanging on the wall (luckily it didn't break), so I ended this playtime quickly.

We are finished up in Jesse's room now. We still have to put a changing table in their, but we are not even worrying with buying a crib for a bit. He'll be in his bassinet for the first few months anyway. Sorry the walls are so bare. I doubt I'll hang pictures until the crib is in place.

Here are some pictures of Jesse's room as it is for now. Remember his bedding/theme is trains, so I got a cute Melissa and Doug train, and a couple of my favorite classic train books, The Little Engine That Could and Tootle for small decorative items. I am working on a picture frame and set of name blocks too.

Here is the "repurposed TV stand" I've been working on. I got the idea for it *here*.

That's it for our Tuesday. We got tons done. It feels good to have his room wrapped up. Now, I just can't wait to meet and hold him and have him here with us in his sweet, little bassinet. Won't be long.


  1. That stinks about the protein shake - I bet you will be turning it off before mixing it from now on! Jesse's room looks great; I really like the train theme!

  2. Hey! Found your blog from a comment form - love your photos of your lovely family! Congratulations with another baby on the way! Thought I'd suggest using the slow-cooker to help with dinners. Just put your stuff in there in the a.m., then you don't have to think about anything until dinnertime --- and it's FINISHED!

  3. Do you ever use a crock pot/slow cooker? I am making dinner in mine right now (8:30 AM) and it works really well for me. I can get everything chopped and into the crock pot in the morning while my kids are still happy, instead of trying to cook during the witching hour when they are falling apart.

  4. we crock pot alot i even founda coversion chart atht shows anything cooked in the oven can be cooked in the crockpot! just a thougt!

    love the old tv stand it turned out great! :)

    you look so cute and tiny :)

  5. The crock pot is a good idea!

    How annoying it must have been to clean the whole kitchen after the shake explosion!

    I really like how the tv stand turned out. It's so cute now and I love the fabric you picked.

  6. The room looks great. Now, you can take it easy for the last few days. Right?!
    I love the TV stand. It looks way better than what I was picturing.

  7. I have them watch TV. Not ideal, but it works. That or shoo them upstairs or outside in the backyard.

  8. You are soooo beautiful standing there holding your pregnant belly! I am so sorry for the shake mess . . . and all the hard moments you are having. Jesse's room is amazing and you have accomplished so much! Hang in there - you are so close! I am praying for you daily! *Ü*

  9. your repurposed tv stand looks absolutely gorgeous!! great job.. and hey its not fair to look that great at 39 weeks... at 36 weeks i looked like a little elephant lol

  10. I didn't cook dinner at all the last two weeks before Lily was born. I had managed a proper dinner every night up until then, but then I just quit coping with the kids plus cooking...

    Jesse's room is darling. I love his bassinet, and Johnny is a huge fan of your train theme. He and Emma share a room, but Í'll have to see if I can do some theme decorating for them on their respective halves of the room.

    Can't wait to hear about Jesse's arrive and see some photos. You'll be in our prayers for a safe and complication-free delivery.

  11. oh my goodness, susanna! You are beautiful! You don't look as far along as you are :)

    I can't wait for Jesse to come, and then to get to meet you!

    I have totally stopped blogging for a while ~ just trying to keep up with life,and I don't really have anything worth talking about. I cut the homeschool to a bare minimum, but we are having a much smoother year. I hope to get back to blogging, but I'm giving myself a little break for now. Hope I'm still invited to the zoo :)

    LOVE the nursery - so cute!!

    I've missed talking to you :)