Monday, September 14, 2009

Apple Pie, Football and Movie Night

We stayed around home this weekend and worked on more projects, cleaned lots, organized and caught up on much needed laundry. The kids and I crafted, and Jamie even got in on some of our fun.

Saturday night we had a Muffin Tin dessert of mini apple pies. We had so much fun making them.

After we finished Jamie and Joe had a guys football night and sleepover together, while Hanna and I had an American Girl themed movie night watching Chryssa. However, Hanna only made it about 15 minutes into the movie before she passed out on me:-).

Sunday was filled with relaxing, crafting and just playing. It was a nice day. Sunday night Hanna and Joe enjoyed watching a movie together and having yet another sleepover.

Jack was just Jack all weekend. Playing lots, and at times getting into everything:-). I took lots of pictures of him too this weekend. Here is a close up that I like.

I am very, very ready for Jesse to be here. I am hoping it will be literally any minute! Until then, I'll be waiting around, but not patiently--patience is not one of my strong areas:-). Praying for a healthy delivery, recovery and happy hospital stay for Jesse and myself. I can't believe it could be any time now and I will be seeing and holding my new, sweet little baby. I can't wait to see what he looks like!!


  1. Nice photos. I am hoping and praying for you too.

  2. what a super fun weekend we do those lots in the winter when we are under snow/ice watches and warnings! :)

  3. Great pictures. How fun that you all had sleepover parties!

    I'm also hoping for a quick labor and delivery and a healthy mom and baby!

  4. That apple idea is wonderful.
    Praying baby Jesse comes soon.

  5. Looks like such a wonderful family memory you all created! Makes me wish we had some "normal" around here again. Hoping Jesse arrives very soon!

  6. Love them all!!! Getting together with the kids and us all cozying up together on the floor is one of my faves!