Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Decorating For Halloween

The kids have been asking for a couple weeks now how much longer until we can put out our Halloween decorations. After being asked over and over again, I finally gave in today and got everything out and helped them decorate. It's funny what are their favorites of our decorations vs. mine. They are satisfied with the simplest of decorations.

Today they enjoyed putting the vinyl stickers on the windows in our play/school room.

They love looking at the things on our bulletin board. Most of these were made by them either this year or the last couple of years.

They carved a mini pumpkin today, and then we roasted the seeds after coating them with a little butter, cinnamon and sugar.

Hanna has been working on this house for a few weeks and finished it up yesterday. It is a kit that she got for her birthday. (They have a wide variety of these kits at Michael's.) She did a great job on it and worked hard too. She has this house along with a few other decorations she's made over the years in her room.

The kids had fun making these "teepee style, lean-to's" at my mom's yesterday:

And, lastly, here is another sweet picture of Jack and Jesse I took today. I can't get enough of these moments of the two of them together. Jack is in the habit now of giving Jesse kisses each time he passes him. He also likes to share his lovie and PJ Bear with him--these are his two very special animals, so this is super sweet:-).


  1. I love the pictures of all the kids crafts, isn't it so special to have those to share from year to year? The house that Hannah made is neat, she is one talented girl! Oh and the picture of Jack and Jesse is so sweet! He definately loves his little brother!

  2. I saw those kits at Micheal's Z wanted em, I was like "sure dude I'd like to see you try that!" LOL OK not really but I was thinking it.
    That turned out really great.

    PS I tried to cookies. WOW! DELISH!

  3. That last photo is so sweet. I'm so happy that Jack is doing well with this.

    Nice Halloween decorations. We have a few out but I always have fun making some with the kids too.

  4. Those teepees could make fore hours of fun around here, I'm gonna have to go see if I can find the stuff to make one since my hubby just cut down some tree limbs yesterday.

  5. great decorations I LOVE window clings I have them in the car to entertain my youngest while waiting for my oldest to get out of school (its a 30 min wait in the parking lot)

    the bulletin board is great so cute!

    love her house she did great!!! we are getting our stuff together to start doing some halloween decorations maybe tomorrow since my oldest is out of school!

  6. Your house is always so much fun to sneak into. I love the picture of Jack and Jesse together, and smiled at the memory of Anna wearing exactly same green Carter outfit that was also way too big for her. I was seriously considering the same foam house at Michael's, but managed to stop myself :)