Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Jack and Successful Dinner!

We had a good day yesterday. We were at home all day and it was so nice! No errands, no outings--just home. Now, I just hope to have one of those "lazy" days at home. OK, clarify that. I need to make, ie, let myself have one of these days:-).

I actually managed to cook a meal in peace!! It was super. Hanna helped, while Joe played computer games and Jack took a late nap. Now, part of our dinner was from Let's Dish, but hey, I still had to do a little prep for it and put it in the oven:-).

We had three cheese spinach stuffed shells (courtesy of Let's Dish), sauteed garlic green beans (me), and homemade cheddar-dill scones (made by Hanna and myself).

The whole scone idea was inspired by one of my "bloggy" friends, Ticia. She shared a good scone recipe on my homeschool blog last week. I really, really wanted some bread type thing with our pasta. I have never, ever had success with homemade biscuits. I figured I'd try and find a good cheddar scone recipe and give it a shot. OH MY GOSH!!!! These were sooooooo good! They seriously turned out perfect. I will share the recipe Sunday on my Homeschool Blog with my "kids in the kitchen" weekly carnival. Here is a picture though.

So, after dinner Hanna and Joe went outside to play. Jamie, Jack and myself were still finishing up and cleaning up. Jack got so giggly in his high chair. I realized I don't have any pictures of him laughing alot, and he laughs often and "with his whole body"--so sweet. I captured a couple.

This is his new favorite camera face. I guess when you get a camera shoved in your face as much as my kids do, you learn the "cheese" grin quickly--here is his:

Here is another one. He was laughing his head off:

Well, I'll see what I can bake up today. My goal is to bake, cook and eat as much good food as I can before I have my baby, and go back to basics:-).


  1. I like that goal! Jack is so cute. I love the photos. Your dinner sounds delicious.

  2. So glad you liked the scone recipe. I've found it to be super versatile.

  3. The scones look really good! I love to make lemon poppy seed scones, but the cheddar scone sounds yummy!

  4. For all the bread baking I have done I was never figured out the art of dinner rolls so don't feel bad. Now scones, I love those and have a lot of recipes. I will drag my book out this weekend and see if I have the Cheddar ones. If you would like, I will share a recipe or two with you.