Sunday, September 27, 2009

Me, Jamie and Jesse's Feet

We had a good Saturday. I actually got out of the house. First time in a week. Even if it was mainly to buy groceries:-), it was an outing and much needed. Here are a few pictures from today. Please, please, please excuse the way Jamie and I both look. I need make-up badly to hide my "oh so tired eyes", and Jamie needs a haircut and shave:-). Hey, we can't complain though. Jesse is sleeping and eating like a champ so far! Keep your fingers crossed and arms folded in prayer that this continues.

Here is me with my two "babies":

Jamie and Jesse:

Jesse's feet in Jamie's hand:

Jesse's feet in my hand:

Jack decided to cook while I cooked this evening. He got out lots of my pots and pans, and I got his play food out for him. I don't know what he whipped up, but he had fun making it and eating it too:-).

That's our day in pictures. We'll see what tomorrow brings.


  1. I love Jesse's hair, there is so much of it!
    You look fine, like you are enjoying both of your babies

  2. All of the photos are so sweet. I love Jesse's feet in your hands and Jamie's hands. You look great too! Much better than I did one week after having a baby!!!!!! Seriously!

  3. You are an inspiring family that gives us all a way to remember what is truly important. Thank you. I love your blog. I wish I could come play at your house!
    Your children are beautiful.

  4. Aww...I love the feet pictures they are so cute! You do look great for 1 week after having a baby, too!

  5. Cute feet! Looks like you have a little chef :)

  6. love the pictures they are all great!

    gidget does that exact thing with the pots and pans and toys! she calls it toy soup

  7. You look great!! And Jesses feet are so precious :) Hey, ive been wondering- where did you get your adorable background?? Was it custom made for you?

  8. Cute pictures. You look great!
    Jesse's hair is so cute and I just love baby feet!

  9. That looks like a fine bear stew there, Jack!
    I love toddler "cooking".

  10. Oh I just love the feet photos!!!

  11. Those feet pictures are so precious and so well done. I think you look great for 1 week, you should have seen my pics of that time - I think I had "a deer in the headlights" look in all of them :)

  12. My eyes look like that NOW, you look amazing for having such a new baby!

    I love the baby feet photos, and the pictures of Jack "cooking".

    Hope you have a wonderful week!