Saturday, September 12, 2009

Afternoon Fun at the Park

Jack actually fell asleep for his morning nap yesterday. The kids and I were enjoying crafting, so I let him sleep for quite a while. I knew this would mean no afternoon nap. I decided since it was such a nice day we'd go to the park for the afternoon. We went to our favorite park, and the kids were having so much fun we literally stayed all afternoon.

I got some really good pictures of each of them while we were there. Here is a fun one of Jack just playing around. Even though he is sweating profusely in this picture, it was not hot yesterday. He just can't be still for more than 20 seconds (and that's pushing it) at a time:-). He played on every piece of equipment he could over and over again! He kept me running (literally at times), climbing, squatting and bending too. My quads and glutes are already sore. They haven't seen a workout like this in months :-).

Hanna and Joe played together the entire 3 hours. They climbed trees, ran around the track, enjoyed the equipment and played lots of pretend games.

Here are pictures of each of the kids that turned out pretty good. I also got a good one of Hanna and Joe together. However, my attempts (and they were many) to get one of all three of them without Jack screaming at having to sit still were unsuccessful.

What a fun time! I hope to enjoy our weekend just as much as Friday afternoon!


  1. The pictures came out great. I still can't get good photos of all three children at the same time.

  2. How fun! The pictures turned out great!

  3. I love going to the park and spending all day there!

  4. Beautiful pics of a beautiful family. *Ü*

  5. You got some great pictures of your beautiful kids!